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Patricia Gouvea, Supervida, sticker printing, 14,47 x 8 meters. Image processing: Thiago Barros. photographic records: Rafael Pereira.


Public Art Project
Tech _No
Patricia Gouvea

Curator Alberto Saraiva
Production: Rodrigo Andrade | Area27
from 7 April to 2 June 2019

Supervida, Intervention Carioca visual artist Patricia Gouvea for the facade of the Cultural Center Hi Future, It is a work of art for the city, taking the scale of the body-cement facade.

The work is part of the series in progress survival, which shows the nature of resistance, in small cracks in the cities, where, despite the cement, insist on operating small miracles.

Be in pictures, videos, objects and texts, the research seeks to relate to situations in which nature appears as resistance, as resilience and even domesticated.

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This job, Patricia Gouvea has been developing for a long time, examines the possibilities of building bridges between art, science and political activism, and questions the growing artificiality and reification of nature amid a scenario hyperactivity, environmental destruction, global warming, water scarcity and human rights abuses.

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