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"I Am Light" by Gabriel Wickbold, invitation. Disclosure.
"I Am Light" by Gabriel Wickbold, invitation. Disclosure.

#projectearte: brings art and people together

A Zero Gallery – Tainara and Pedro Paulo Afonso, in partnership with INC Photography Julie Schlossman and Monica Paes, start the #projectearte in order to bring relevant artistic events to the public now unable to go to galleries, museums and other places of exhibitions and cultural events. Pedro, Julie and Monica idealized a simple format with touches of sophistication and contemporaneity since the internet is one of the main accesses to its execution: “The intention is that the content is seen without people leaving home, through doors, windows, the website link, social networks and the like, avoiding agglomerations in this pandemic period ”explain the coordinators. “This project was conceived when we were forced to isolate ourselves, and see the world through the screens; we were deprived of human contact ”, explains Julie Schlossman.

As time goes by, the confinement caused other important actors in the scenario - health professionals – draw attention and, for the #projetearte, become first protagonists. The exhibitions were transformed into solidarity and caring actions towards them, and also with the general public, aiming to provide a short break for a deep breath, almost a sigh, where the forces are renewed so that each one continues to fight, and win, your battles.

On #projectearte, guest artists, that operate in the photography segments, video performance and video art, has exhibitions set up by a team from the area for digital presentation in public and private places, at the same time. This selection of works will be projected on buildings in the city with easy visual access, in places to be informed, at the same time that a link to the show is made available on the project website so that the public can watch, design externally or within your own environment, the works of the artist of that edition. “Today's refuge is the windows, the door to the world, where you can feel the wind, where the light comes in, the smells, and we can see people, the few who still walk alone on the street ”, comments Monica Paes. The projection has an estimated average time of 15 minutes and its frequency is weekly. The agenda will be available both on the website and on the project's social networks #projectearte.

“It is a movement that, using the internet, creates a network of developers who work so that art reaches its neighborhood, using the available equipment and disseminating artistic content around you ”, explains Pedro Paulo Afonso.

#projectearte emerges as a potent antibody - art! An ambitious project that wants to push boundaries: “The physical barrier is overcome - distance, timezone, walls, doors, grades, gates – because in São Paulo, Tokyo, Berlin, Dubai, Vancouver or London, the content is available to be designed ”.

The first projection is composed of 30 images from the series “I Am Light”, of the photographer Gabriel Wickbold:The idea of ​​using technology to inspire and create is present in my artistic process. In this series I show that the human being is light and that an infinite universe of possibilities departs from within. I like to dare, to create, to inspire and show new paths using technology as a tool to compose a work of art. In this project I use techniques to represent spiritual enlightenment, with models covered in glitter drawing in the air. It was almost like an aura reading that, seen through the camera, emanates vital energy and reveals what each being has within them, your own brilliance you need to achieve your life purpose. We are always evolving. ”

The central proposal seeks to provide a rest, a light moment in this difficult period as well as bringing people closer to photography. A moment of art, with the collaboration of several partners and artists who provide works of art and / or their work that enables this action. A #projectearte is possible by the sum of the positive intentions of Zero Gallery, INC Photography, Balady Com., Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo – BUT/SP, Hospital São Paulo, Paulista School of Medicine, Visualfarm, Iron Foot, The Photo Gallery and Global / GQM. Each in his area of ​​expertise offers this gift that aims to speak to the heart.

“Throughout the history of Humanity, art fought wars, epidemics, pandemics and saved thousands of people from the loneliness of their memories ”.

Julie Schlossman and Monica Paes

Artist: Gabriel Wickbold * – I AM LIGHT
Date: 29 May 2020 - Friday - 8pm **
Coordination: Julie Schlossman, Monica Paes, Pedro Paulo Afonso, Tainara Riberio Afonso
Realization: Zero Gallery, INC Photography, Balady Com.
Institutional Support: Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo – BUT/SP, Hospital São Paulo, Paulista School of Medicine, Visualfarm, Iron Foot, The Photo Gallery, Global / GQM
WebSite: www.galeriazero.com.br/projetearte
Instagram: www.instagram.com/projetearte
Local: São Paulo
— Hospital São Paulo – S. Napoleon de Barros, 715 – Vila Clementino, São Paulo – SP
* the agenda for the coming weeks includes photographs of: Fabiane Aleixo, Julio Bittencourt, André Cunha, Andrea Fiamenghi, Oskar Metsavaht, Monica Paes, Daniel Taveira (more to come!)
** projections will always be made on Fridays, às 20hs. Streaming link available on the website and social media #projectearte
*** the next official projection addresses will be informed as the partnerships are being settled. Hospital São Paulo / Escola Paulista de Medicina will always be our Zero Point.

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