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Evento CAWS. Disclosure.
Evento CAWS. Disclosure.

CAWS Magazine promotes Independent Artists with Event Production

With CAW productions and support from CAWS Magazine, the event will be presented directly from São Gonçalo / RJ o MT do Terminal, Gabriel Caslu and DJ Clayton's participation, In addition to a super open rehearsal by Grupo THREERAPIA with support from Escola Music Express.

“The Group THREERAPIA has a beautiful career, where she was a finalist in the CANTA COMIGO Program at Record, MT Terminal and Gabriel Caslu will leave the environment super excited with a funk contagious, this guarantees a beautiful and incredible night at the CAWS Event, emphasizes the Artistic Direction of CAW productions”.

CAW productions since 2005 vem fortalecendo a carreira de Artistas Independentes de Todo Brasil com as suas realizações. A Revista CAWS é fruto da vontade de dar visibilidade aos pequenos negócios e profissionais de Moda, together building an event for society.

Due to the isolation the event will follow all health recommendations and also limited the number of audience present. Part of the Event will be available on the YouTube Channel (CAW productions).

The event has free admission under the availability of an invitation previously made available. If interested in checking Invitation availability, just get in touch by email: revistacaws@gmail.com

Free – Com Convite
Day 23 November 2020.
Time: 18:30 hours
Local: Americas Shopping – Recreio dos Bandeirantes / RJ – Cinema

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