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Traces magazine, Porta-Vozes da Cultura. Disclosure.

Traces magazine initiates action “Ambassadors” design and launches digital sale

Ações buscam minimizar o impacto da crise na vida Spokespersons of Culture

You already know: those responsible for making the magazine Traces reaches readers are Spokespersons of Culture. People that, before knowing the traits, They were on the streets or extreme vulnerability. And this time to fight the pandemic coronavirus, the effort to maintain the health of Spokespersons days is continuous. Therefore, they are not in circulation in Brasilia streets. They are in home isolation, the residence of family, in group homes or in therapeutic communities.

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"The period is very delicate, regulating operation of bars, restaurants and cultural venues is still a lot of uncertain. This directly impacts the work of Spokespersons of Culture. And they are the weakest part, many are in the risk group of coronaviruses, with poor health due to living on the streets. And it is with the income generated by the sale of the magazine that they bear the primary expenditures, like rent and food. So, the effort of our team is to minimize the impact on their lives and continue to generate a minimum income, that enables them to face this situation with dignity ", explains Michelle Cano, general coordinator of the project.

Be an Ambassador Traits

The idea is that residents and residents of condominiums and building superintendents are organized to act as magazine vendors in this delicate moment, making collective purchases and distribution to nearby groups, using the mail boxes, for example. The call is for people outside the risk group represent the Spokespersons at this time. Applications must be at least 10 copies, and Traces team will make deliveries to the Ambassadors.

other actions

For those who like and want to continue supporting the project is to purchase the digital version of the magazine Traces site. The issue No. 38, March 2020, It is the first to have the content available for purchase and digital reading. The action allows people from other states also have access to the publication, who has won the Brasilia with its quality text and stunning images. Monitoring emergency basis SocialDe, the Spokespersons of Culture received, in the last days, kits for hygiene and prevention, alcohol gel vial, liquid soap and mask (possible need for), besides basic basket and stipend. The social care team maintains daily contact with all Spokespersons. Through videos, they receive information and recommendations to address this period and try to dribble a bit of solitude. #TraçosTransforma

The Journal Traces alia two characteristics that make unique in Brasilia: social inclusion through a robust monitoring and quality information on culture and art. In the last four years, on average, the traits helped a person a week to get out of extreme poverty. There are now about 280 Spokespersons of Culture benefited from the project.

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