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Ask "Pirates and Princesses", Cia Infocus. Photo: Disclosure.

Culture Room Leila Diniz presents "Pirates and Princesses"

On the second Saturday of March, day 14, Leila Diniz Culture Room receives Cia Infocus for another edition of Cultural Giro. At 12 hours will be displayed, for free, the play "Pirates and Princesses", which tells the story of Pedrinho and how was your vacation at the beach house of your Grandma Zilda.

Pedrinho, on vacation, playing make-believe in the backyard Grandma Zilda, but, I did not think you'd find characters from children's stories, right there having fun with it. Captain Hook, and his assistant fumbling; Mariner Smeer; Ariel, the friendly princess of the sea and Moana, with all his courage and joy. With colorful costumes and beautiful music, It is a play that is worth checking out!

The Program More Reading, maintained by the Official Press of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Ioerj), It will also be present at the Culture Room encouraging the taste for literature. Will go on sale on, books priced from R $ 2.

Culture Room Leila Diniz presents "Pirates and Princesses"
Date: 14/03
Time: 12 Hours
Address: Rua Prof.. Heitor Carrilho, 81 - Center, Niterói - Culture Room Leila Diniz
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