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"Contrast exposure" by Luiz Breseghello at Shopping Leblon. Photo: Miguel Sa.
Exhibition "Contrast" by Luiz Breseghello at Shopping Leblon. Photo: Miguel Sa.

Shopping Leblon receives exhibition 'Contrast' by Luiz Breseghello

Some of his famous steel sculptures will be on display at the 1º floor until the day 10 September

Stage of great works by renowned Brazilian artists, Shopping Leblon receives, for the first time, to exhibition 'Contrast', signed by Luiz Breseghello. Geometric sculptures in stainless steel and corten steel occupy the 1st floor of evil until the day 10 September. "The purpose is to bring important reflections to the public at this time we are going through and bring up the issue of contrast as a way of working tolerance in the midst of so many differences of opinion", reveals Breseghello. The artist uses technology, art and science in production combining different types of steel, main element that catalyzes and describes the visual poetics of his works.

About the artist

Born in São Paulo, Luiz Breseghello was involved with art from an early age. Son of artist Carlos Breseghello (1958-2020), visited the ateliers of several artists, like Tomie Ohtake, Gilberto Salvador and Newton Mesquita. In 2005, with 16 years, created his first arts office where he learned techniques for making and mixing paint. In 2013, was awarded at the 3rd Itamaraty Contest of Contemporary Art.

Security measures  

Shopping Leblon reaffirms its commitment to fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and the safety of its customers and employees, adopting the protocols recommended by health organizations with social distance, disinfection and sanitation procedures throughout the enterprise. In addition, in all accesses to the mall, the use of masks and the temperature of customers are checked.

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