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ArtWork "The practitioner of the extraordinary" of Dumke Rones. Photo: Disclosure.

Solar do Barão presents exhibition of Dumke and collective of photographers Rones

The Manor of Baron opens this Thursday (17) new exhibitions: "The art of illuminating Dumke Saila", "Jerusalem – Solange Benasulin Photos", "Bodies-Paraná Photographers Conference" and "portraits with Coffee", de Dirceu Veiga. The Rones Dumke artist presents a total of 28 works in the collage and printmaking techniques, divided into four series-Metaphysicians, Clepsidra, Ocidentes and East, and Poetics of Space.

Rones Dumke's works show a part of its history and contemplate the idea that light represents the understanding, the enlightenment of things, the perception of what is around us. In the case of Dumke, his artistic practice is at the service of the intellectual understanding of art.

Foto de Solange Benasulin.

Solange Benasulin photo.

The accuracy of his art, patient and disinterested, in more than four decades followed a coherent and linear development, going through various stages and accumulating the most varied styles, ranging from pop art to surrealism classic, in a very peculiar way to express a mental universe intelligent ", Describes the curator. He explains that Dumke is author of a refined art, for a public worship by acute your message content, but it also reaches the simplicity of ordinary look, the beauty of shapes and by the wealth of details.

Painter and draughtsman, Rones Dumke was born in Curitiba in 1949 where now lives. He attended the Studio of Carlos Scliar and received the Secretary of culture as best artist Paranaense in 37° Salão de 1980. Held solo exhibitions and participated in collective shows in Curitiba, and was also invited to exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, in São Paulo and in the United States. His work is in private collections in Brazil, France, United States, England and in collections of several museums.

Foto de Manoel Guimarães.

Photo by Manoel Guimaraes.

Photographs -"Jerusalem" is the theme of the Angolan photos, Today resident of União da Vitória, Solange Benasulin. The photographer lived in Tel-Aviv, capital of Israel, during 26 years. It was several times in Jerusalem, initially the tour, but I soon realized that I had to register different moments of the daily life of the city to try to capture their essence.

Formed in Professional Photography “Studio Gavra”, in Tel-Aviv, Solange attended three photo exhibitions in Israel and most recently exhibited in Hungary. Was awarded in a national competition sponsored by the Israeli Government photo. Solange has strong connection with Curitiba. Born in Lobito (Angola), came to Brazil in 1975, as a refugee of the war. By 1981 lived with his family in the capital of Paraná, where he studied in the Colegio Israelita Solomon Guelmann. A year ago, already specialized in pictures of children and families, lives in União da Vitória.

Foto de Lauro Maeda.

Photo of Lauro Maeda.

The press conference "Corpus" with the participation of members of two groups of photographers photography of the city – the core of photography of APAP/PR and the group "and speaking of photography". Are in all 31 participating photographers: Antonio Wolff, Barthwal Wille, Christian Schönhofen, Clytius Barroso, Daniel Ernst, Daniel Henry, Daniel Rebello, Eduardo Fuli, Estevan Reder, Fabio Laub, Fernando Ziviani, Flavia Wolf, Francisco Santos, Gianna Calderari, Jaime Sena, Juliana Gisi, Lauro Maeda, Lucas Amorim, Lucia Biscay, Luiz Guilherme Todeschi, Ma'at Rabbit, Manoel Guimaraes, Marcelo Almeida, Mariana Plowed, Mauricio Vieira, Pablo Contreras, Regina Oleski, Rene Ernst, Ricardo Akam, Rodrigo Janasievicz and Simone Ferreira. The curator is Luiz Gustavo Vardânega Vargas Pinto, I recently attended the trial of Visual Arts Award Marcantonio Vilaça and Announcement free of Curitiba Cultural Foundation.

Another exhibition brings together drawings by Dirceu Veiga, in the room the Pencil engraving Museum. The theme is "portraits with Coffee".

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Exhibitions at the Museum of photography Curitiba city
Opening: 17 th December 2015 (Thursday), at 19h
The art of Illuminating Dumke Saila " (Collages, oil paint and etchings)
By 31/01/2016
Bodies "-collective of Photographers of Paraná
By 07/02/2016
Jerusalem "-Solange Benasulin Photos
By 28/02/2016
Exhibition at the Museum of the city of Curitiba – room Pencil
Opening: 17 th December 2015 (Thursday), at 19h
Portraits with Coffee”, de Dirceu Veiga
By 14/02/2016
Local: Solar do Barão (S. Carlos Cavalcanti, 533)
Time: From Tuesday to Friday, the 9:0 to 12:0 and 1:0 pm to 6:0 pm.
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 12:00 to 6:00 pm.

Free entry


Obra "O Praticante do Extraordinário" de Rones Dumke. Foto: Divulgação.

ArtWork “The practitioner of the extraordinary” of Dumke Rones. Photo: Disclosure.

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