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Drawing and Painting – The Abstract, Step by step 5 of how to draw by Rosângela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: Drawing and Painting – The Abstract, Step by step 5 How to draw by Rosangela Vig Dreaming is to wake up inside; Suddenly I find myself in ...

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Helena Khancio – Arte Hache

Helena Khancio – Art Hache Autodidata in the plastic arts, studied Sciences of Communication at the University of Guayaquil – Ecuador, graduating in 1989. Currently resides in Barcelona – Spain, city ​​which has a special connection, and, obtained Spanish citizenship. ...

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Interactive 4 - Interactive Series. Technique: Acrylic, polyester and intaglio - Interactive because it has few moving yarn in which jewels. Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm.

Virtual Exhibition Plastic Artist Alexandre De Paula

Period of the Exhibition: 16 May 2014 to 25 th November of 2014. . Born in Sao Paulo Capital where he graduated in Design of Advertising, served as Finalist Illustrator and Art of Advertising Agencies. In the end of ...

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