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Decorating tips for apartment balcony

Thinking about balcony decor is on the rise, because it has become an important environment for apartments. Many people demand the presence of this space, because it values ​​the property and enables new creations. Eles deixaram de ser apenas ...

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Photo: Twenty-one Popa no Pexels.

Tips for choosing the floor for your apartment

Whether to renovate or to apply in your new home, one of the most important tasks is choosing the right floor for each room in your apartment, allowing for more beautiful and well-structured environments. Se antes a seleção do tipo de material ...

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Photo: Tatiana Syrikova no Pexels.

How to develop a minimalist decor for your apartment

Minimalist decor is a style that emerged in the 1960. Since then it has been winning fans around the world. It comes from a series of artistic movements, scientific and cultural, que acreditavam que poderiam se expressar apenas com ...

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Photo: Pexels by Pixabay.

Tips for decorating small balconies

Apartments do not always have a large outdoor area. By the way, most of them have small balconies, being extremely difficult to plan a decoration for these environments. So that now, when well decorated, elas podem valorizar o seu imóvel e ser um diferencial ...

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Project: Studio Cris Paola. Photo: Hamilton Penna.

“How to choose curtains” by Jessica Tan

The curtain is a key item for decoration, but before you install them in our house or apartment, we must bear in mind its function, beyond the decorative, how to control the brightness and external noise or ensure privacy. However, ...

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"How to improve your gourmet balcony!"Jessica Theodoro

Learn everything to improve their gourmet balcony! With our changing habits, the gourmet balcony is a preferred owner place to welcome friends and family and became important and operative, time to think about buying ...

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“Reflection of our habits in the kitchen and balcony” by Jessica Tan

With the passage of time, our habits have changed and this reflected in our house and apartments. In the 80, the apartments were bigger rooms and bathrooms employed. Nowadays, this room there is practically no more and ...

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