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Rosa Hollmann, "A Tetempade vai passar. Photo: Disclosure.

Noah's Ark/The Bicharada

the mix of races, the future of a new time BELIZARIO Galeria exhibits – Noah's Ark/The Bicharada – primeira exposição que inaugura o projeto – Porão da BELIZARIO. A curadoria das ações do novo espaço é assinada ...

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Michelle Rossett, without title, 2022. Spin-off series. Acrylic and book page on newsprint. 42 x 35.5 cm. Photo: Disclosure.

The Length of the Gap

“Every artistic gesture is a creative operation that takes place in a certain time and space”. SB BELIZARIO Galeria opens the exhibition “The Extension of the Gap”, by the plastic artist Michelle Rosset, where a series of unpublished works created during the period ...

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Victor Arruda, Belizean Gallery. Photo: Disclosure.

Victor Arruda, Marcus Otter, Daniela Bousso and Francisco Hurtz in conversation at BELIZÁRIO Galeria

Frill and Confusion Finissage 28 May – Saturday – from 4pm to 6pm BELIZÁRIO Galeria, on the occasion of the finalization of the exhibition “Babado e Confusão”, welcomes the artist Victor Arruda for a conversation, the exhibition curator Marcus Otter ...

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Author: Elias Muradi. Title: s / title. Year: 2021. Technique: graphite and watercolor without paper. Dimensions: 48 x 48 cm. Photo: Disclosure.

‘POETICS of another’ at BELIZÁRIO Gallery

“… a branch of Philosophy that seeks to analyze the quality of works of art according to the concept and objective of each of the seven arts” BELIZÁRIO Galeria opens the collective exhibition “POÉTICAS de um Outros”, with your team of 17 ...

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Work by Maxim Malhado. Photo: Disclosure.

BELIZÁRIO Gallery opens with Maxim Malhado

“…at this moment and before yesterday too, is the possibility to see myself and observe the other!” Maxim Malhado BELIZÁRIO Galeria opens a new cultural space in São Paulo with the exhibition of Maxim Malhado – “…from where ...

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