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Exhibition “I confess that I lived” – Bia Black, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

The Gallery "The Hebrew" will host the exhibition "I confess that I lived" by artist Bia Black from the day 26/10/2019 until 17/11/2019 with opening day 26/10/2019 Saturday from 14:00 Mrs 18:00HR. On 16/11/2019 Saturday the 11:00 ...

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Shows “Female universe” by Elisa Monde in PIOLA Gardens

"Female Universe" brings out the fragility and the strength inherent in Women, sensations, feelings, ART need to express with the paradox of our lives. Curated by Elisa Monde Art has a solid job in the Visual Arts ...

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Bia Black – “Paint is a consequence of being alive” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

BIA, make a summary of your career. My parents and grandparents came from different places in Russia for Brazil, during the war, leaving it all behind. I graduated from speech therapist, I did a master's degree, specialization and exercised by 25 years. I've always been a tomboy. ...

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