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MegaCities Short Docs: To Improve Life in Cities. Disclosure.

'MegaCities Short Docs' the largest short film festival that reveals sustainable initiatives in the world's largest cities is launched in Brazil

MegaCities Short Docs: To Improve Life in Cities, banner. Disclosure. São Paulo, July 2022: o MegaCities Short Docs, citizen documentary festival focused on sustainable issues and launched 8 years in Paris, arrives in Brazil in a partnership ...

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Alex Flemming: the mine map. Photo: Henry Light.

ALEX FLEMMING: the mine map

Exhibition of the plastic artist proposes the debate on the natural wealth of Brazil in the year of the bicentennial of Independence 23 works will be exhibited at the Mário de Andrade Library in 30 from July to 28 of August In the year in ...

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Victor Assis. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

Podcast becomes a new way to consume content; businessman explains the secret of format consolidation

Brazil ranked 5th in the world ranking of growth in podcast production. Brazil ranked fifth in the world ranking of podcast production growth, according to a study carried out in partnership with Ibope. Accordingly ...

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World map in commemoration of the 2nd Centenary of Independence 2022. Printed. 100x150cm. Paulo Protasio's Collection – Brazil. celebrating 200 Brazil's years as an independent nation, we produced this world map with Brazil in the center. The idea is to bring greater clarity to our position in the world and encourage us to realize our own protagonism.. The self-centered position allows us to visualize the resonance field of our actions in the world and, also, understand the forces that affect us. Another effect is to present us with the three oceans in their entirety.. The realization that we are surrounded by oceans, not only gives us the dimension of our possibility of communication with all continents and all nations, but also invites us to take responsible action with this environment that is the cradle of life on Earth. The production of this map had the support of the 5th Geoinformation Center of the Brazilian Army.

The Banco do Brasil Cultural Center Rio de Janeiro (CCBB-RJ) presents exposition “Brazil No [center of] Map”

Open to the public in the month of the discovery of Brazil, the exhibition brings a series of gems of cartography, as the first map of the Brazilian coast, still called Vera Cruz. “Geography cannot be underestimated. It clearly brings ...

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Amilcar de Castro - Project. Photo: Disclosure.

pays his fair tribute to the artist of constructivist thought “Amílcar de Castro's Garden: pays his fair tribute to the artist of constructivist thought”

From 22 February, more than 60 Centro-West Art Center Olhos d'Água ...

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Dr. Fabiano de Abreu, featured. Photo: MF Global Press.

Campus Party 2022 from Brazil will have one of the smartest men in the world talking about intelligence

Dr. Fabiano de Abreu, member of Mensa, Intertel, Triple Nine Society and Human Behavior Scientist is One of the Confirmed Speakers After Editing 2021 in virtual format, a Campus Party abre 2022 looking to give a ...

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Funarte Scholarship and French Alliance for Artist Residency. Photo: Disclosure.

In unprecedented partnership, Funarte and Aliança Francesa launch an Artistic Residency notice

Contest will award four scholarships for performing arts areas Funarte and Aliança Francesa invite all professionals in the performing arts areas (dance, theater, Circus and performance) for the Artistic Residency Notice. With registration until the day ...

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DJ Ilka Oliver, featured. Photo: Brian Haider / Disclosure / MF Global Press.

Living on music in Brazil can be an uphill battle

Dj Ilka Oliver and music producer Mystical comment on the Brazilian cultural scene and the difficulties faced by artists on a daily basis Music is a constant part of the lives of millions of people around the world. See magazine data ...

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Rosana Lanzelotte, featured. Photo: Camila Maia.

Classical music directly from Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas throughout Brazil

Created by Eva Klabin House Museum, cultural space in Rio de Janeiro, “Concertos de Eva” receives artist Rosana Lanzelotte for a recital in November with online broadcasting Cultural tip to note and save the date: the "Eve Concerts" ...

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Gustavo Surgik, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

new cultural space, Regina Casillo Theater receives Ties Brasil Poland program

Ties Brasil Poland Chamber music concert with international artists opens the Ties Brasil Poland program, This Thursday (28/10). There are four concerts in all, with artistic direction by Norton Morozowicz, that celebrate the 150 years of polish immigration ...

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