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Expert reveals secret of Computer Graphics 3D behind Game of Thrones, Toy Story and Avengers

A few years over here, cinema is to look increasingly realistic. Animations that come to be confused with real scenes, a lot of computer graphics and effects for there especias has given life to amazing stories as ...

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important pieces of Brazil's history up for auction

One of the biggest houses in the country genre, Dutra Auctions, It offers several unique art items, furniture, and Brazilian iconography, with great historical and documentary value. Next Thursday (13/12) held in Sao Paulo an exciting auction that includes ...

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Free Course: “Faith in the history of Brazilian Art: A journey through the history of Sacred Art in Brazil through the collection of the MAS”

The Museum of sacred art promotes, the Free Course: “Faith in the history of Brazilian Art: A journey through the history of Sacred Art in Brazil through the collection of the MAS” with Professor. José Augusto New. Course Objective To present the Sacred Art Gift ...

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Philosopher discusses study the issue of social inequality in Brazil, their causes and possible solutions

Philosopher and Abreu Fabiano researcher points based on their studies and UN indicators in the leading causes of the gap between the social classes in Brazil, e possíveis soluções para a desigualdade socioeconômica As desigualdades social e de ...

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Art Kids Universe - World Project

The www.universoartkids.com is a gateway for disseminating child and youth art. For both, We presented the project "World". Headquartered in Argentina and from this year, with a branch in Rio de Janeiro, The portal was created by Hugo Sérgio, only, 8 years of ...

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artist Aline Pascholati creates website about art and culture

The Artrianon is a website about art and culture founded by Aline Pascholati, artist and art historian graduate of the Sorbonne (Paris, France), in 2016. visual arts, design, sets, architecture, literature, cinema e muitos outros temas se fazem presentes ...

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“Six things you need to know to understand the art market in Brazil” by Gustavo Perino

Did you know that one 40% market parts can be false or poorly allocated? Who that puts the price in works of art and who takes care of the artistic heritage in Brazil? Learn to differentiate the work of an expert, from ...

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“Roots” by Jessica Tan

The 21st century is characterized by fluidity, the globalized world, of information and thereby, increasingly want to look inside, know our essence, our roots and stories so that we can in fact, who we are. This is reflected in our ...

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Museu Victor Meirelles, Homage in People. Photo: Victor Meirelles Museum.

Victor Meirelles Museum by Rosangela Vig

The art of Brazilian Romanticism is very well represented in Santa Catarina, by Victor Meirelles Museum. Inaugurated in 1952, in the month of November, the site belonged to the artist, that was the great icon of 19TH century painting. Located in the ...

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National Library of Brazil, the city of Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Ricardo Barguine.

Besides the prestige as Advisor, the Luso-Brazilian Fabiano de Abreu now Immortalizes your name among the largest Brazilian writers of history

What the end point for success? To the writer, philosopher, Publicist and journalist Fabiano de Abreu, owner of MF Global Press, There seems to be no. Prestigious world fitness Advisor, Fabiano will have your name immortalized among the great ...

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