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Léa Michaan and Chris Sevla. Photo: Disclosure.

From São Paulo to all of Brazil: books written by authors from São Paulo are successful

Chris Sevla and Léa Michaan stand out in the literary milieu with their works Presenting different proposals, books are able to provide us with excellent experiences through words. E esse é um dos dons que Chris Sevla e Léa Michaan apresentam, ambas autoras paulistas ...

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Leandro chagas, Alice Rodrigues, Breno S. M. e Stephanne Says. Photo: Disclosure.

Beginning authors to meet later this year

From young to adult, editorial market receives new authors in 2021 The publishing market is constantly receiving news, mainly from new authors who propose to take unpublished stories through their debut books. Aiming this reality, we select ...

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Books: "457 Milhas" de Rachel Fernandes, "O mar me levou a você" de Pedro Rhuas e "Suíte 2121" by Rachel Fernandes. Photo: Disclosure.

From romance to comedy: check out the best eBook deals

Sweek Stars winner 2018 stands out with its stories on sale To start the week with several reading suggestions, we listed three eBooks by Rachel Fernandes that are on offer on Amazon and two other titles by national authors, ...

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Nani Medeiros presents songs that marked his trajectory and new influences of Lusophone culture. Photo: Tom Silveira.

Mistura Fina presents Nani Medeiros on the day 25/03

Repertoire goes through crying, Samba, bossa until reaching the new composers that have inspired the singer, broadening horizons for Lusophone music culture Among the references that marked its trajectory in music and the new influences, Nani Medeiros ...

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Glory Clock. Photo: Cesar Duarte.

Cradle of Rio de Janeiro's urbanization Bairro da Glória gains site with rich content

The portal Ó Glória! is released in March, month of the anniversary of the city of Rio de Janeiro “Gloria has a decisive place in the history of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil” Mariana Varzea, museóloga e curadora do projeto Ó ...

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Nobelina book" by Cibele Laurentino, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Nobelina: the representation of northeastern women and their claws

Cibele Laurentino lança romance de estreia pelo Grupo Editorial Coerência Filha do saudoso poeta e escritor Zé Laurentino, Cibele Laurentino se destaca no meio literário com o lançamento de “Nobelina”, seu romance de estreia que foi publicado pelo Grupo Editorial Coerência por meio do selo Plus+. In ...

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Book & quot; The secret silence of love" by Álvaro Alves de Faria and Denise Emmer, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Book shows that love overcomes dark times

Show that love is capable of winning even in arid times that dry the tears of sensitivity. É com essa temática que os poetas consagrados Álvaro Alves de Faria e Denise Emmer lançam seu mais novo livro de poesias ...

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Book "Stories of Oppression and Freedom" by Marcelo Douglas, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Marcelo Douglas launches the book “STORIES OF OPPRESSION AND FREEDOM”

Historian and political scientist Marcelo Douglas has just completed his most recent book “Histories of Oppression and Freedom” (Ed. Bouquet). It is a historical novel contextualized in five distinct periods of humanity, reporting important and decisive moments in history, ...

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Rachel Fernandes, Gleiber Clodomiro, Vanessa Guimarães and Isabela Zinn. Disclosure.

The difficulties of Brazilian authors

With a low rate of readers in the country, writers report difficulties they face in the literary medium The most recent survey by Retratos da Leitura pointed out that Brazil lost 4,6 millions of readers among 2015 and 2019. According to the ...

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Mostra "Curta em Francês" - Claude Libre, Directed by Thomas Buisson. Photo: Disclosure.

Francophone Week 2021 celebrates the french language

Francophonie Week celebrates the French language and culture of Francophone countries with a varied online program of 15 to 20 March Under the motto “Respirez, you speak French" (Breathe, do you speak French) has the highlight of this ...

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