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CCBB, Mediated visit Playmode exhibition. Photo: Leo Braga.

CCBB Educativo celebrates the 16th Spring of Museums

CCBB Educativo celebrates the 16th Spring of Museums, the “Blue September – National Day of the Deaf” and promotes the Meeting with Professors dedicated to the visibility of the Deaf Community and accessibility with the theme “Independence and museums: other 200, other stories”, ...

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Designed by Arian himself, the jaguar caetana, oversized, made by the puppeteer from Minas Gerais Agnaldo Pinho, sawdust and rope. Photo: Disclosure.

Commemorative exhibition of the Armorial Movement, led by Ariano Suassuna, arrives at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center in São Paulo

“ARMORIAL MOVEMENT 50 YEARS” Exhibition: from 20 from July to 26 September 2022, at CCBB SÃO PAULO “I started to get worried about the mischaracterization of Brazilian culture. I thought of getting together a group of artists who performed ...

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Pier Paolo Pasolini, Genova, 1959. © Paolo Di Paolo Photographic Archive.

“On a long sandy road – The long sandy road "

100 years of Pier Paolo Pasolini are celebrated with an exhibition and cinematographic retrospective at CCBB An extraordinary story in images and words, composed of more than 70 black and white photographs by Pier Paolo Pasolini and Paolo Di ...

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World map in commemoration of the 2nd Centenary of Independence 2022. Printed. 100x150cm. Paulo Protasio's Collection – Brazil. celebrating 200 Brazil's years as an independent nation, we produced this world map with Brazil in the center. The idea is to bring greater clarity to our position in the world and encourage us to realize our own protagonism.. The self-centered position allows us to visualize the resonance field of our actions in the world and, also, understand the forces that affect us. Another effect is to present us with the three oceans in their entirety.. The realization that we are surrounded by oceans, not only gives us the dimension of our possibility of communication with all continents and all nations, but also invites us to take responsible action with this environment that is the cradle of life on Earth. The production of this map had the support of the 5th Geoinformation Center of the Brazilian Army.

The Banco do Brasil Cultural Center Rio de Janeiro (CCBB-RJ) presents exposition “Brazil No [center of] Map”

Open to the public in the month of the discovery of Brazil, the exhibition brings a series of gems of cartography, as the first map of the Brazilian coast, still called Vera Cruz. “Geography cannot be underestimated. It clearly brings ...

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Work "Congestion" by Leandro Erlich at the Exhibition "The Tension" in the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil (CCBB), in São Paulo. Photo: Disclosure.

Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich wins exhibition at CCBB in São Paulo

Show stays open until 20 June People who don't get wet and don't drown when entering a pool. A classroom with unusual students. An encapsulated cloud. An elevator that reverses the indoor and outdoor environments. ...

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Gilvan female, On. Cicero Romao (– Aldemir Martins), 1974 - oil on chipboard. Federal University of Pernambuco Collection.


Ministry of Tourism presents BB Seguros presents and sponsors Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Rio de Janeiro (CCBB-RJ) receives the grandiose exhibition on the Armorial Movement, created and led by Ariano Suassuna (1927-2014) “ARMORIAL MOVEMENT 50 YEARS” Opening: 29 ...

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Show "Around the World in 80 Days". Photo: Mariana Chama.

CCBB Rio presents “Around the World in 80 Days” based on the work of Jules Verne

Sponsored by Banco do Brasil, CCBB Rio pays tribute to the work of Júlio Verne with the trilogy Viagens Extraordinárias conceived by Cia Solas de Vento, three theatrical productions that invite children and adults to embark together ...

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Mediated visits to the Marc Chagall exhibition: Love dream. Photo: © Pablo Bernardo.

March of many stories in the activities of CCBB Educativo in Rio de Janeiro

From day 16 March, the CCBB Educativo team offers guided tours of the Marc Chagall exhibition: Love dream. It will be a dive into the painter's universe, bringing russian stories, Tales of Jewish Tradition, stories that deal ...

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CCBB Educational. Photo: Disclosure.

with a new face! CCBB Educativo expands free and in-person programming at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center in São Paulo

Featured content for children and the Hands-on Arts Project The CCBB Educativo, ongoing multidisciplinary art education program at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), February starts full of news. To further boost ongoing events and ...

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Amilcar de Castro - Project. Photo: Disclosure.

pays his fair tribute to the artist of constructivist thought “Amílcar de Castro's Garden: pays his fair tribute to the artist of constructivist thought”

From 22 February, more than 60 Centro-West Art Center Olhos d'Água ...

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