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Photo: Victoria Borodinova no Pexels.

See tips for decorating a children's room

If you have children and are looking for interesting ideas to decorate the children's room, knowing a few simple tips can be of great help in this task. After all, it is in this room that the child will spend much of his day, doing various activities, ...

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Photo: Diego Pacheco no Pexels.

Discover the industrial style of home decor

The industrial style is present in many homes and, currently, has become one of the great trends in decoration and interior design. Its origin goes back to the decade of 1970, when the old factory sheds were transformed into residences. However, ...

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Photo: Tatiana Syrikova no Pexels.

How to develop a minimalist decor for your apartment

Minimalist decor is a style that emerged in the 1960. Since then it has been winning fans around the world. It comes from a series of artistic movements, scientific and cultural, que acreditavam que poderiam se expressar apenas com ...

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Oscar D´Ambrosio. Photo: Disclosure.

Oscar D´Ambrosio – “The importance of social networks for artists in time of confinement”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Check out Oscar D´Ambrosio's tips to succeed in your social media posts. TIPS Six tips for the artist to deal with social networks in times of confinement. Words like novo coronavirus, COVID-19 e pandemia entraram em nosso ...

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Photo: Pexels by Pixabay.

Tips for decorating small balconies

Apartments do not always have a large outdoor area. By the way, most of them have small balconies, being extremely difficult to plan a decoration for these environments. So that now, when well decorated, elas podem valorizar o seu imóvel e ser um diferencial ...

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Rio Marathon promotes live on how to keep fit and resume street training after quarantine

At the last meeting of the series on well-being and health care, promoted by the team of experts and ambassadors at the event networks, educador físico alerta sobre o processo de exercícios pós-quarentena Rio de Janeiro, 13 April 2020 – ...

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Marathon of Rio promotes lives with expert tips

Entre os temas abordados estão alimentação no período de quarentena e os riscos de lesões nas atividades físicas Rio de Janeiro – 07 April, 2020 – Cada vez mais sucesso nas redes sociais da Maratona do Rio (@maratonadoriooficial), o time de ...

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Five tips for those who want to get a makeover

At the end of a work it is common to find people totally frustrated because they can not get even halfway to the requirements of planning or expenses that arise were not expected; to circumvent this scenario, architect Aline Macedo, partner-owner ...

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Fabiano de Abreu gives 5 Tips to have a good old age

The journalist, philosopher, poeta e pesquisador luso-brasileiro Fabiano de Abreu afirma ter como prioridade em sua vida o que ele chama de ‘melhor idade’. Creator of several theories that attempt to explain human existence, their behavior and nuances, the author ...

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5 tips to innovate with handcrafted decoration in your home

Discover incredible ideas to make your decoration with sustainable and beautiful items The process of decorating a house is truly exciting, but it also comes with a fair share of challenges for those looking for real estate options in Pinhais other cities ...

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