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Ruiy Moura - “Art, my life, my ar”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

1- Where did you born? And what is your academic training? I was born in Santos-SP, I grew up and consider myself from the Paraíba Valley. (Guaratinguetá-SP) where I developed as a person and an artist. I am self-taught, I have no academic training! 2- Como e quando se ...

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1ª Virtual Exhibition of Inclusive Art, invitation. Disclosure.

Invitation – 1ª Virtual Exhibition of Inclusive Art by Edmundo Cavalcanti

In August and September we will celebrate two important and significant dates for Art and for people with disabilities that are part of modern contemporary society: On 12 August Arts Day and 21 September the ...

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Lucas Pennacchi - “Evolution through art”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

1- Where did you born? And what is your academic training? Was born in São Paulo – Capital and I'm a Physical Education teacher, graduated from USP – University of São Paulo. 2- How and when does your first contact with ...

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Silvana Perez and work.

Silvana Perez - “Living for art”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Silvana Perez, visual artist, from Catanduva, SP, currently resides in Santo André, SP. Autodidact (self taught), its main techniques are collages and mosaics. Since 2001 Silvana is dedicated to the arts, initially carried out mosaic work for commercial and residential façades, panels ...

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Carlos Thága and work.

Carlos Thága - “Creativity without limits”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

1- Where did you born? And what is your academic training? I was born in Rio de Janeiro / RJ, I completed high school, I am self-taught. 2 -How and when you give your first contact with the Arts? To the 4 years old, When ...

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Oscar D´Ambrosio. Photo: Disclosure.

Oscar D´Ambrosio – “The importance of social networks for artists in time of confinement”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Check out Oscar D´Ambrosio's tips to succeed in your social media posts. TIPS Six tips for the artist to deal with social networks in times of confinement. Words like novo coronavirus, COVID-19 e pandemia entraram em nosso ...

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Psychologist Vanessa Fuzatti. Photo: Disclosure.

Vanessa Fuzatti - “Psychology and Art in times of pandemic”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

At this time, where all cultural spaces and activities are public or private, where artists in all forms of expression of art and culture find themselves without the momentary possibility of publicizing their works and activities, tenho percebido ...

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Carlos Borsa and Caravaggio.

Carlos Borsa - “Art in search of meaning”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

My first interview in quarantine is with the talented young artist from São Paulo Carlos Borsa, architect by academic training and that in 2015 decided to follow the profession of plastic artist. Esse talento acaba de ser reconhecido com conquista ...

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Opening of the 1st National Visual Arts Exhibition in Quarantine by Edmundo Cavalcanti

“O artista se engaiola enquanto a arte voa” “Queremos mais uma vez parabenizar os organizadores e jurados do Salão, for the unprecedented and brilliant initiative ”. Where artists known or still unknown, who seek their space in the universe of arts, em todas ...

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Registration Closed – 1° National Hall of Visual Arts of the Quarantine - Virtual by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Once again, we found that when there is unity around a common goal, the results can only be positive, and this we can see with the massive adhesion of plastic artists from all corners of the world to this project ...

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