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Livro "Eu me demito", by Aline Cabral, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Romantic comedy book raises discussions about the crisis of 30 years

With female empowerment, romance and lots of coffee, the new book by Aline Cabral raises reflections on the dilemmas of the famous crisis of 30 Since we are young we seek to understand the professional paths we wish to follow, and although curves can exist in that ...

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Book: "Blue Horizon - the art of love", cover. Disclosure.

Country life and love for painting make up Natalia Moreno's new book

The novel “Horizonte Azul - the art of love”, Natalia Moreno's new book, tells a story full of lessons on forgiveness, career and female empowerment Leaving the comfort zone is one of the great exercises of self-knowledge, That's it ...

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Livro "A conquista do conde". Photo: Disclosure.

Period novel set in Brazil raises women's empowerment in the 19th century

In “The conquest of the count”, written by Deborah Strougo, readers will follow a story filled with twists and social reflections The 19th century was very important for women in much of the world, because at this time the spaces started ...

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