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An American Tapestry brings together works and conductor of the United States with the Choir of the Camerata

Work coral and American Regent are the highlights of the concerts that the Camerata Antiqua Choir of Curitiba shows on Friday (23) it is Saturday (24). Who holds the baton is the conductor Angela Broeker for a celebrated repertoire, who ...

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Works show "Why Not?"The Ward Nasse Gallery - USA by Rosangela Vig

By making the painter, my look, on the screen of the heart, copied your beauty. My body frames the frame, which reveals the highest workmanship in painting. By painter, With the fine instinct will see that there are disposed ...

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Special 100 years of the Russian Revolution: four films to understand how she changed the world

List selected by the Channel Philos has recent documentaries, from 2016 and 2017, on the conflicts that divided society between capitalists and Communists. Channel today is a reference for the collection of the highest quality, with content that can be accessed ...

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Restaurant Paris 6 Miami displays works by brazilian artist that were exposed in the Louvre

The artist Punch Freire, What is brazilian who lives in Miami, exhibited for the first time in the United States his works which were exhibited in the Louvre, in Paris. The opening of the exhibition was held at the Paris restaurant 6 in ...

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Sami Akl reveals new phase in first exhibition of the year in the United States

For the Brazilian artist Sami Akl, be invited to the exhibition Orenda was not a surprise, that's because Mystic themes permeate your life and work and are increasingly dormant the renowned Brazilian artist of contemporary art, Sami Akl, He was one of the main guests of the Gallery Arts Garage, located ...

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