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GLU, GLU, GLU - Anna Maria Maiolino, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

BASE opens the press conference (A) PART OF THE WHOLE

(A)PART OF THE WHOLE The whole without the part is not the whole, The part without the whole is no part, But if the part makes the whole, being part, don't say, which is part, being all. Gregorio de Matos “The ...

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Gilvan female, On. Cicero Romao (– Aldemir Martins), 1974 - oil on chipboard. Federal University of Pernambuco Collection.


Ministry of Tourism presents BB Seguros presents and sponsors Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Rio de Janeiro (CCBB-RJ) receives the grandiose exhibition on the Armorial Movement, created and led by Ariano Suassuna (1927-2014) “ARMORIAL MOVEMENT 50 YEARS” Opening: 29 ...

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Author: Gilvan SAMICO, Title: The Mother of Men, Year: 1981, Technique: Woodcut on rice paper, Dimensions: 52 x 69,5 cm. Photo: Disclosure.

Galeria BASE opens its new doors

The BASE Gallery, complying with all protocols determined by the authorities, exhibits “Samico e Suassuna - Lunário Perpétuo” with, approximately 39 works, between woodcuts and light engravings, by Gilvan Samico and Ariano Suassuna, complemented by works by Ana Maria Maiolino, Derlon e ...

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