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Three books to read during Yellow September, book covers. Disclosure.

Three books to read during Yellow September

With different perspectives on suicide and its prevention, each book on this list presents a unique proposal The suicide prevention campaign, the Yellow September, continues in Brazil fighting and discussing the reality of suicide cases in the country. ...

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FLISP 2021 - Samuel Alexandre and Sacia Xavier - authors, featured. Photo: John Fellix.

FLISP 2021 It sold over 8.000 books in a weekend

The event had more than 10.000 rotating people this past weekend, 07 and 08 August, the Literary Festival of São Paulo was held 2021 (FLISP 2021), organized by the Coherence Editorial Group. With the participation of several authors, Publishers ...

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C. A. Saltoris, Telma Brites, Kildary Costa, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

In addition to literature: the journey of writers who work in other artistic fields

Theater and painting are some of the talents beyond writing Several authors are known in the literary world by many readers, but many of these audiences do not know that these artists are not limited to literary works. this is the case ...

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Fantastic realism books to read even in 2021. Disclosure.

Fantastic realism books to read even in 2021

Discover four incredible works of this artistic current Fantastic realism is an artistic current that is very present and little known in novels, poems, paintings and cinematographic works. Usually this movement forges close ties and bets on the wonderful and magical to transfigure ...

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Editorial Group Coherence, soon. Disclosure.

Coherence Editorial Group search for new authors

The publisher has more than 400 published titles, such as, several best sellers Founded in times of economic crisis, the Coherence Editorial Group appeared in the first half of 2016. Since then, despite the obstacles of the market, the publishing conglomerate has given what ...

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Book "Pirate Honor" by Helena Grillo, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Helena Grillo publishes new book by Grupo Editorial Coerência

The author of the books “Agente Charlotte” and “The girl and the dictatorship”, Helena Grillo, launched “Honra Pirata” by Grupo Editorial Coerência in the last semester Black belt in judo Helena Grillo launched the first book of the “Swords and Pistols” collection in March of this year ...

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Book "The Little Magellanic Cloud", by Maria Clara Lacerda, cover - featured. Disclosure.

LGBTQIA+ Pride Month: Coherence Editorial Group books to read in June

Discover stories starring LGBTQIA+ from the publishing house After the Stonewall Revolt, in 1969, when homosexuals confronted New York police during a raid on a bar in the city, a scenario was developed in which the community ...

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Matumaini - Pietene's notebooks, by João Peçanha, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Launches of the Editorial Coherence Group in May 2021

From the suspense to the collection of chronicles, publisher launches five books by national authors Grupo Editorial Coerência prepared six different books to be released during the month of May this year. João Peçanha, Misael Ferreira, Lilly Belmount, Marcio Zanini, ...

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Kalima publishing house publishes “O Älememoti”, by André Regal. Disclosure.

Kalima publishing house publishes “O Älememoti”, by André Regal

New publisher hitting the market. Meet Editora Kalima? Today we are going to talk about this inauguration and its first published author: André Regal, author of “Mirta Vento Amarelo” and “O Brakki”. Succinctly, Editora Kalima hit the market at the beginning of ...

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Photo: mentatdgt no Pexels.

National authors to learn more about in 2021

Do romance a fantasia, meet different artists of Brazilian literature Brazil is a country composed of great artists, mainly in the literature, a little consumed art, but that is gradually conquering the hearts of Brazilians. In several national territories ...

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