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Belmiro de Almeida - Black young woman figure, the 1880. Photo: Daniela Paoliello.

Museum of Art of Rio - MAR launches program of Escola do Olhar Online

Proposal is to present to the public a new form of mediation in the virtual environment, with accessibility features, and revisit educational and training activities prioritizing dialogue More than 100 days since the Art Museum ...

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Live - Favela social activism in the pandemic scenario, MAR. Disclosure.

MAR debates social activism in favelas in the context of the pandemic

The Art Museum of the river-SEA, under the Institute's management Odeon, this Thursday (18/6), às 17h, a live to debate favela social activism in the pandemic scenario. The conversation will include two active residents of ...

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Rio Art Museum offers online content for the public enjoy the museum without leaving home

Called #MARdeCasa, project brings information and curiosities about MAR and pieces from its collection Free classification In times of social isolation, we must find different ways of entertainment while you are at home. Thinking about it, or Museum ...

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MAR Music celebrates 7 years of the Rio Art Museum with unprecedented show of singer Siba

The Pernambuco presents for the first time in Rio de Janeiro album “owl Changes” Friday, 13 March – 18h Free admission | Rating: free The Museum of Art of Rio – MAR, under the management of the Institute Odeon, celebrate your ...

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Full River Art Museum 7 years and promotes special programming

Celebration takes place throughout the month of March with new flagship museum, Sea of Music, aperture exposure and accessibility actions. All activities are free. PG. The Art Museum of the river-SEA, under the ...

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Spider (Spider) parting of the Rio Art Museum on Sunday

The giant sculpture by Louise Bourgeois arrived at MAR through a tour promoted by Itaú Cultural, March 1, Rio's season of "Spider (Spider), Louise Bourgeois, the Itaú Cultural Collection ". ...

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Meeting # tide discusses the seven years of existence and the future of the Rio Art Museum

Event promoted by the Odeon Institute brought together great names in the afternoon of debates about the legacy and the next challenges of MAR On Wednesday afternoon, 12, Odeon Institute promoted the Rio Art Museum Meeting the tide #. The ...

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Museum of Art receives Rio Mare Meeting #

Seminar sponsored by Odeon reflects on the legacy of MAR Institute along its 7 years of existence and promotes debate on the future of the Data museum: 12 February at 3 pm Free admission The Museum of Art of ...

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First year of Music MAR receives the Charanga Talisman block

In an atmosphere of Carnival, the event also features a presentation by DJ Bruno Eppinghaus and has free entry Friday, 7 February, from 18h Classification: revelers can already separate the glitter and the fantasy for the ...

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"Discoloration Global Pre Carnival" in Rio Art Museum

Hairdressers invited by artist Alexander Maxwell will platinize hair public. Action on the pilotis will also have a plastic pool for participants to refresh themselves Tuesday, 4 February, from 12:00 to 16:00 Free entry Free classification Free entry to ...

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