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Ana Lélia, featured. Photo: Nath Millen / Disclosure / MF Global Press.

Christmas in pandemic time: Singer Ana Lélia comments on what it was like to work together, but at a distance

Due to the pandemic, singers had to come together virtually to re-record hit songs; Artist comments on difficulties and positive aspects of remote work The work routine of many people was affected this year 2020. That of the singer and ...

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“May humanity accept and live with Love, Light and Joy the Holy Spirit towards true Rebirth at this Christmas time, and that man seeks to govern the year of 2021 with Peace, Wisdom and Justice so that ...

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Featured. Photo: Studio M & The Architecture / Pinterest.

Christmas from a distance: how to decorate your home for a live with the family?

December is coming and along with it comes Christmas that, This year, will be different from everyone else and for those who will be away from the family, celebrating with the help of lives can be a great option; studio architects ...

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Brasília Design Store. Photo:Brasilia Design Storee.

Hot this Christmas: Brazilian design and conscious consumption

In the center of the modernist Capital Federal, a space brings together exponents of Design Location Brasília Design Store Where the vibrant artistic production from Brasilia gains a showcase and invites those who love design to appreciate and value creations with the identity of ours ...

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Christmas photo created by pvproductions - br.freepik.com.

Christmas decoration ideas for stores

Christmas is already coming and you can see Christmas decorations all over the city: street decorations, houses, facades and even in stores. It is a way to contribute to uplift the spirit of that time, that you intend to renew ...

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Christmas cookies by Pastry Chef Flávio Duarte. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press / Personal collection.

Pastry chef Flávio Duarte teaches recipe for Christmas cookies that can be sold for up to R $ 5,00; Check the recipe

Option to decorate, gift and serve at the holidays. Low cost and easy production, Decorated cookies can be extra income The year of 2020 It wasn't easy. In addition to all the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic, ...

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To Christmas and New Year!


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"The Christmas spirit has to last the whole year", says philosopher Fabiano de Abreu

Solidarity is one of the most striking features Christmas. Suppers solidarity for people in vulnerability and distribution of toys for children of low-income situation are examples of common actions that can be observed at this time of year. So that now ...

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Gallery Tina Zappoli promotes 10th Christmas action draw works

For the tenth consecutive year, Galeria de Arte Tina Zappoli, Porto Alegre / RS, promotes your Christmas Action, conducting a raffle which will be drawn three works of its collection, signed by its represented artists. The value of each number ...

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Dear Friends, We wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! That 2019 is Fantastic!!! Website Obras de Arte

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