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Dr. Genetic code cheating and evolutionary process of PhD in neuroscience. Photo: Gabriel Maciel - Campus Party.

Campus Party: How the people from Brasilia behaved with topics about the risks of misuse of the internet

Dr. Fabiano de Abreu Agrela was the master speaker at the Brasília event The fourth edition of Campus Party Brasília took place last week and among the subjects discussed during Dr.. Fabiano de Abreu Agrela were the risks ...

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MNBA: Open for Works, French Artistic Mission. Disclosure.

The French Mission in the project “Open for Works” of this 5af, 9 ten, in the MNBA

The Missão Artística Francesa: The National Museum of Fine Arts collection will be the topic addressed in the last lecture of the year of the “MNBA” project: Open for Construction" this Thursday, day 09 of december, taught by educator Rossano Antenuzzi. The focus is to present ...

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MNBA: Open for Works" with the leading role of blacks in art, day 26 Nov, 6St fair, at 3:0 pm, featured. Disclosure.

MNBA: Open for Works" with the leading role of blacks in art, day 26 Nov, 6St fair, at 3:0 pm

The protagonism of blacks in art is the focus of the day's meeting 26 November, Friday, at 3:0 pm, in another edition of the project “MNBA: Open for Work". On occasion, we will have the lecture "Between the chair and captivity: teachers ...

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Chloe Calmon. Photo: Disclosure.

Chloé Calmon to give a lecture on overcoming

On 5 de Mayo, a partir the 18h, the Instagram of the Estácio Campos Grande campus – @ estacio.cg – (West Zone of Rio de Janeiro) - will broadcast a motivational lecture with one of the greatest athletes of Brazilian surfing, Chloe Calmon. the surfer ...

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free lecture warning about the garbage problem on Mount Everest

The aim will be to discuss possible solutions to reduce the high amount of existing waste on site, in addition to publicize the project in the form of documentary on the subject developed by the speakers; the event will be held the next day 15, ...

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Celio Alzer minister series Premier Wine Class in the three chain stores

The success of Premier Wine in Class continues in August and will continue relying on the teacher's command of the Association of sommeliers (ABS), Celio Alzer, that is unique network consultant. The newest importing country, Premier Wine, ...

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Lecture discusses the photographic production Militão Augusto de Azevedo

The next day 27 April, Saturday, from 11h to 13h, Professor Mark Fabris ministers to lecture Photography and city: urban theater Militão Augusto de Azevedo. Are just 30 vacancies and registration can be performed on the site ...

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#MAS promotes Free Lecture with Dr. Oscar Luigi Marzorati: “The Great Lordships Italian”

#MAS promotes Free Lecture: “The Great Lordships Italian: Origins, its pomp and artistic and cultural heritage” with Professor. Dr. Oscar Luigi Marzorati The Sacred Art Museum of Sao Paulo promotes lecture “The Great Lordships Italian: Origins, its pomp and ...

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Tony Robbins gives lecture in Brazil for business travelers and guests of honor

The executive Renata Spallicci attended the event, at the invitation of the organizers, and brings us more information about Tony Robbins and lectures for the public that packed the São Paulo Expo this Thursday, 9 August. The ...

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Free gym: "From Matter to Affection: the construction of the meaning of jewelry”

The next day 01 August, the Museu de Arte Sacra promotes a free lecture on the topic “From Matter to Affection: the construction of the meaning of jewelry“, with the Prof. Dr. Ana Steps. What is the meaning of the jewel ...

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