Five eighteenth-century paintings by José Joaquim da Rocha are now part of the collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Rio de Janeiro

Jose Joaquim da Rocha - David playing the harp, featured. Photo: Vicente de Mello.

Works will be delivered on the day 15 August and will be on display at the Museum of the Republic until October as part of an IBRAM museum collection exchange program. the acquisition, sponsored by the Vale Cultural Institute, faz parte do Projeto Movimento de Aquisição de Obras para Museus Brasileiros Com o objetivo de cobrir lacunasRead more

Release Video Project Album/MNBA day 28 jul, with artists Xico Chaves and Fernando Diniz

Xico Chaves, video, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Recently retired after a career of more than 30 years in public service, Xico Chaves, recalls his time as curator at the National Museum of Fine Arts, in the 1990, when he met the artist Fernando Diniz(1918-1999). At that time, under the direction of Heloisa Lustosa(1928-2022), the MNBA developed the Museum of Origins, projeto referenciado no crítico MarioRead more

The 40 years of the MNBA Engraving Office

MNBA Os 40 years of the MNBA Engraving Office, featured. Disclosure.

The next day 13 July, Fourth, from 15h, the National Museum of Fine Arts / Ibram will promote a live celebrating the 40 years of creation of its Engraving Office. The visual artist will participate in the live broadcast, recorder, and curator Carlos Martins; the historian Laura Abreu, who worked for several years at the Engraving Office … Read more

MNBA celebrates 85 years day 13 jan, 5of, with exhibition of works by Di Cavalcanti, Djanira

MNBA, Open for Works 13 january birthday 85 years MNBA, Flyer - featured. Disclosure.

On 13 January, 5of, the National Museum of Fine Arts/Ibram complete 85 years of creation and to celebrate, we prepared a face-to-face presentation with works that have just arrived in the collection, within the MNBA project: Open for Works. The public will be able to see the set of works of art incorporated into the collection, thanks to joint action … Read more

The French Mission in the project “Open for Works” of this 5af, 9 ten, in the MNBA

MNBA: Open for Works, French Artistic Mission. Disclosure.

The Missão Artística Francesa: The National Museum of Fine Arts collection will be the topic addressed in the last lecture of the year of the “MNBA” project: Open for Construction" this Thursday, day 09 of december, taught by educator Rossano Antenuzzi. The focus is to present the collection of the members of the French Artistic Mission that arrived in Rio de Janeiro in … Read more

The Formation Collections will be the theme of the “MNBA: Open for Work" of this farm, day 02 ten, at 3:0 pm

MNBA: Open for Works, The Formation Collections, featured. Disclosure.

The forming collections will be the theme of the day's face-to-face meeting 02 of december, Thursday, at 3:0 pm, in another edition of the project “MNBA: Open for Work", this time conducted by the museologist Anaildo Baraçal. The formation of a classic museum begins with the gathering of objects to be shared and have a public sense. In the case of the Museum … Read more

MNBA: Open for Works" with the leading role of blacks in art, day 26 Nov, 6St fair, at 3:0 pm

MNBA: Open for Works" with the leading role of blacks in art, day 26 Nov, 6St fair, at 3:0 pm, featured. Disclosure.

The protagonism of blacks in art is the focus of the day's meeting 26 November, Friday, at 3:0 pm, in another edition of the project “MNBA: Open for Work". On occasion, we will have the lecture "Between the chair and captivity: Black teachers at the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts”, by museologist and educator Reginaldo Tobias. … Read more

Backstage at the MNBA in the “Open for Works” project, day 18 Nov, 5of. Free!

MNBA: Open for works, featured. Disclosure.

A place with restricted access, dedicated to the conservation of the collection and which holds most of the collection of a Museum, what is not exposed. It's time to approach the backstage of an Art Museum. To talk about technical reserves, from its creation to the present day, highlighting the enlargements … Read more

Artist Helios Seelinger in the “MNBA” project: Open for works", day 11 Nov, 5of, free

Project "MNBA: Open for works", artist Helios Seelinger with an in-person presentation by museologist Daniel Barretto, Flyer. Disclosure.

multi-award winning artist, who even worked as an employee of the National Museum of Fine Arts, Helios Seelinger and his work “Bohemia”, are references for an analysis of modernity, that at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, in Rio de Janeiro, manifests in different ways. This is the theme of the MNBA project: Open for works, in this … Read more

MNBA Open for works focuses on sculpture collection, 5St fair, day 28 out, free

Study for the equestrian statue of Dom Pedro I, 1857, Louis Rochet, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

This Thursday, day 28 October, from 15h, within the MNBA Project: Open for works, or Professor Alberto Chillón, from the Department of History and Theory of Art at Escola de Belas Artes/UFRJ, vai proferir uma palestra sobre a coleção de escultura oitocentista do Museu Nacional de Belas Artes. The sculptural collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts is, without … Read more