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Learn how to bring classic movie decor into your home. Image of mrsiraphol on Freepik.

Learn how to bring classic movie decor into your home

Style is composed by the balance between light and dark tones, bulky upholstery and gold details Some people intend to put the property up for sale and don't know how to make it attractive and differentiated, in the face of market competitiveness. The inspiration ...

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Soul Development by A.Yoshii in Maringá, armchair. Photo: Disclosure A.Yoshii Group.

long live magenta: check out four tips for using the color of 2023 in decoration

Inspired by cochineal red, a cor Pantone 2023 it's vibrant, upbeat and pulsating. To inspire and bring ideas, A.Yoshii Group architect gives tips on how to apply color in the most varied environments The Pantone Color Institute, American company of ...

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See how to combine floors and walls. Image by DCStudio on Freepik.

See how to combine floors and walls

Floors and walls are fundamental parts in construction, house renovation and finishing, After all, it will be in them that you will walk and hang your decoration objects and position your furniture. No wonder that ...

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Business photo created by pressfoto - br.freepik.com

How to modernize old buildings?

Old buildings have historic value and incomparable architecture, these points that refer to a history and a time. It is common to find many of these houses abandoned or, yet, demolished, which represents a very big historical loss. Many still do ...

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Tips for choosing the floor for your apartment. Photo: Twenty-one Popa no Pexels.

Tips for choosing the floor for your apartment

Whether to renovate or to apply in your new home, one of the most important tasks is choosing the right floor for each room in your apartment, allowing for more beautiful and well-structured environments. If before selecting the material type ...

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Tips to renovate your home without spending a lot. Photo: Rene Asmussen no Pexels.

Tips to renovate your home without spending a lot

When it comes to renovating a house, many people already have “hair on end”, because the work involves a high cost and a long period of works, especially when you want to do a complete makeover. However, Many things have changed ...

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