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Fig. 3 – Manabu Mabe, OSD, 50 x 60 cm, 1989, MB02, Work with certificate, Brazil Gallery. Link to the work.

First Traces of Modern Art – Abstract Expressionism in Brazil by Rosângela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: filling up the conversations, come out of the dimness, jumping, the frogs. The light dazzles them. In a roar that lands, howls the bullfrog: – “my father went to ...

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Fig. 6 – The Discovery of the Earth, Cândido Portinari, Mural Painting in the Library of Congress Building, Washington, 1941. Photo: Candido Portinari, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

First Traces of Modern Art – Expressionism in Brazil by Rosângela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: my heart feels very sad… While the gray of goose bumps dialogues a lament with the wind… my heart feels very happy! This upturned chill gives ...

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Dialogues Paper, mill Brazil, artist selection, featured. Disclosure.


It may be that the best days of our childhood are printed on a sheet of paper. colored; with worked risks; just scribbled; in the form of stories told, of fables, of tales, or in charming poetry. Paper has always been enchanted by its textures, ...

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Figure 1 – Vera Itajaí, Self-Portrait, featured.

Exhibition “I'm like this” ICASAA Gallery, by Rosângela Vig

Do not say. This one who gave me body is my Father. This one that gave me body is my Mother. Much more your Father and your Mother are the ones who made you In spirit. And these were numberless. No name. From ...

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Figure 1 – The violinist and the butterflies, Rosângela Vig, 2020.

The Awakening of the Dream in Art, by Rosângela Vig

Renew yourself. Reborn in yourself, Multiply your eyes to see more. Multiply your arms to sow everything. Always be the same. always the other. But always loud. Always far away. And inside everything. (MEIRELES, 1995, Canticle XIII) A ...

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Figure 1 – 8th Junifest Events, featured.

8st. June Festival in Liechtenstein, by Rosângela Vig

In the infinite morning the clouds appeared like madness in a soul And the wind like instinct descended the arms of the trees that strangled the earth… Then came the light, the big sky, to peace two fields… (MATHEW, 2009, p.38) ...

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Fig. 1 - Brazil Gallery physical space in São Paulo.

Franco Belli exhibition at Brazil Gallery - Art Gallery, by Rosângela Vig

All of those who are there Clamping my way, They will pass… I little bird! (QUINTANA, 2005, p.257) Mário Quintana subtized through words. Your own poetry is a hummingbird flying freely across a piece of paper. Your few words are like ...

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Frida Kahlo Museum, Ana Bittar's Works, Esther Poroger and João Ribeiro, respectively - featured. Disclosure.

FRIDA KAHLO MUSEUM, by Rosângela Vig

Renew yourself. Reborn in yourself. Multiply your eyes, to see more. Multiply your arms, to sow everything. Destroy the eyes whom have seen. Creates others for new visions. Destroy the arms they have sown. to forget ...

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6º. Brazilian Art Salon in Liechtenstein, featured. Disclosure.

Art goes where the people are!, by Rosângela Vig

Becoming a Painter, my look, on the screen of the heart, copied your beauty. My body frames the frame, that reveals the highest lavor in the field of painting Through the painter, you will see the fine instinct with which there ...

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DIAS DE RECLUSÃO PROJECT - Collection of Arts and Anthology of the “Dias de Reclusão” Project, Flyer, featured. Disclosure.


Children producing Collective Culture of Arts and Anthology of the “Days of Solitude” Project When I met a person who seemed a little lucid to me, I did with her the experience of my number drawing 1, that I've always kept with me. I wanted to know ...

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