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Artwork by Rene Machado. Photo: Gabi career.

In an unprecedented action, works by René Machado will become NFTs at a festival

Unprecedented project will take exclusive NFTs to the legendary Tim Music Noites Cariocas festival, uniting for the first time art, music and technology, opening new frontiers for the creative economy The “Art in the Nights”, initiative developed by Digitiva, company specializing in digital assets, ...

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Exhibition "A.I.. Artificial Intelligence - Irreversible. Now.". Photo: Bruno Lenses.

Exhibition "A.I.. Artificial Intelligence - Irreversible. Now." premieres at Cidade das Artes and presents the possible directions of this technology to the public

Interactive show will debate the ways of artificial intelligence and how it interacts with human beings through the ages. Free, will be on the poster of 6 November to 5 December An exhibition full of cinematographic references, meanings and what ...

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Online show "From Order to Flow - A Hybrid and Experimental Live". Photo: Disclosure.

Dance, rock and technology: Dancer tells about her experience of choreographing online show

With more than 10 years of experience, dancer Gabriela Moriondo had an unusual challenge during the pandemic: choreograph a rock band live 3D format show from scratch. You can find the result of this adventure in ...

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Prime Art. Photo: Disclosure.

to win crisis, audiovisual sector transforms and invests in technology

migrate online, investing in technology and corporate communication were some of the solutions found by the producers In a time of great digital transformation, the audiovisual sector has become one of the main tools for the effective communication of people and ...

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Background photo created by freepik - br.freepik.com.

Architectural trends for 2021

Architectural trends for 2021 are hotter than ever. So, it is necessary for companies to adapt and understand the new branches that are emerging and the possibilities of the new environments and reforms that have appeared thanks to the ...

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Banco do Brasil Concept Space. Photo: Disclosure.

Meetings on technology trends and digital transformation mark the first cultural program of 2021 of the Banco do Brasil Concept Space

After success in 2020, accounting 11 thousand views in the three lectures, second cycle is scheduled to start 21 January, with free internet transmission, always from 5pm. Cynthia Zanoni, from Microsoft Brazil, open the circuit in this ...

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Imfusion. Disclosure.


Immersion in playful environments and paradoxical scales inspire installation at the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio Without physical contact, technology captures the movement of visitors and provides interaction with sounds and images in high definition; IMFUSION will be open to ...

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Floating Gardens. Disclosure.

Online installation reflects on humanity's relationship with technology

Focused exclusively on the virtual environment, work GARDENS DO FOTÚRETO, of the Core Grouping 2, debut this Sunday, 12 July, joining photography, video, performance and binaural audio Mixing photography, videoart, binaural performance and audio, that reproduces the way sounds ...

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Abreu Fabiano receives Portuguese politician in 'Philosophical Table' and talks about the excessive use of social networks

On the Philosophical Table 'program this week, available via streaming the page Novum Channel, the philosopher Abreu Fabiano invited the lawyer, Councilman and former Mayor of Castelo de Paiva in Portugal, Paulo Teixeira Ramalheira, for a conversation about the ...

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Abreu Fabiano advocates the use of social networks and states that we need to adapt to new technologies

After publishing a column in a newspaper that tells about people who criticize social networks, the writer, philosopher, Publicist and journalist Fabiano de Abreu, owner of MF Global Press, He decided to give an opinion on the subject. In ...

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