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Roman Empire Exhibition. Photo: André Luppi.

Last week to meet unique parts of the Roman Empire in Contagem

The exhibition is unprecedented in Brazil and can be visited until the day 18 September.

Those who want to know the Roman history still has a chance this week. The same organizers of the Da Vinci exhibition, the Exhibition Club, that attracted 50 1000 people in Brazil, to shows the Roman Empire: the display also came to mark presence in the mining ground.

As a great program for students to strengthen their studies live, the back shows a interactive and cultural model for the whole family. A the exhibition can be visited until Sunday, 18 September, with special prices and more affordable. Of sonday the fifth, $ 10.00; Friday to Sunday R$15,00, on the third floor of the Mall ItauPower, in Count.

According to Eric de Angelis, Director of Exhibition Club and one of the creators of the exhibition, interactive shows are very successful in Brazil because the public has provided experience of near history that until then only knew from books. "Beyond the curiosity to play the parts of the Roman era, the shows still extends teaching learned in schools. It is a mixture of opportunities in one place, joining leisure, Culture, learning and fascination ", highlights the Executive.

Roman Empire Exhibition: The Display

Date: until 18/9/2016
Time: Monday to Saturday 10:00 at 10:00 pm; Sundays, of 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Address: ItaúPower Mall
(Av. General David Sarnoff, 5160 Industrial City – Contagem-MG)
Tickets: Monday to Thursday $ 10.00; Friday to Sunday R$15,00. Prices only. (tickets can be purchased at the box office or on BuyTicket of the ItaúPower Mall, 2º floor).

Visitation: Will be offered two types of visits: guided (for groups of more than 15 people) and free (tickets can be purchased at the website Buyticket or at the box office). The tours last 45 minutes and need to be booked in advance by phone (31) 99885-2274.

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