Craftsmanship: A Complete Guide for Beginners and Enthusiasts

Craftsmanship: A Complete Guide for Beginners and Enthusiasts. Pressfoto image on Freepik.

Crafts are the practice of creating decorative objects, utilities or even works of art using manual skills and traditional techniques. You can explore the fascinating world of crafts with our complete guide and stand out with all the tips. One of the main attractions of craftsmanship is its diversity of styles and techniques., ranging from … Read more

Last week to meet unique parts of the Roman Empire in Contagem

The exhibition is unprecedented in Brazil and can be visited until the day 18 September. Those who want to know the Roman history still has a chance this week. The same organizers of the Da Vinci exhibition, the Exhibition Club, that attracted 50 1000 people in Brazil, a mostra Império Romano: a Exibição também veio paraRead more

Roman Empire exhibition is presented for the first time in Brazil in Contagem

Upon winning Italy's public, Oceania and Asia, the miners are the first in Brazil to meet the main legacies left by the Roman people to the current civilization in the exhibition Roman Empire: the display. The Exhibition Club, the Planner shows Da Vinci, that attracted 50 1000 people in 2015, is bringing to count … Read more