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Exhibition held at the opening of Fashion Design April / 18. Photo: Eduardo Ortega.

55SP occupies not Poster 011

55SP is occupying artists with works in the intersection with fashion, design and music

São Paulo, July 2018 – Starting tomorrow, Saturday, the 55SP will occupy the store Cartel 011 for a pop-up project. The multidisciplinary space Cartel 011, open from 2009, permeates in his art world, design, architecture, sets, photography, music and gastronomy, lifestyle offering to its customers. The 55SP occupation proposes a project in which visual artists, They use different platforms for their work, as fashion, design and music.

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The store will receive Brazilian art from the likes of Iran do Espírito Santo, Alvaro Seixas, Monica Nador, Mauricio Ianes, Paulo Nimer Pjota, Bruno Baptistelli and other international and Ivan Navarro, David Shrigley, Guerrila Girls, Louise Bourgeois e Lawrence Weiner.

Paulo Nimer Pjota presents the shirt created in partnership with Viva Projects, developed exclusively for the occasion. Alvaro Seixas, on the other hand, creates a series of beach sarongs for 55SP, while Monica Nador has shared authorship grants from Jamac (Miriam Garden Art Club) and the artist Iran do Espirito Santo, with her sister Martha, They present the Fashion Design.

The Fashion Design happened naturally to the brothers who has collaborated sporadically since adolescence, both in clothing and in sculptures. Define this small collection as a work in progress, with the commitment to be independent rules and transient tastes, exploring quality materials and aesthetic potential and seeking to bring meaning to an otherwise uncompromised field. With models that derive from thinking plastic present in Iran's work, based on geometric accuracy, the folds and inversions, as well as elements embossed in the presence of, originating of his drawings and sculptures and skillfully shaped by Marta.

also participate in the duo Estileras, with the project Footwear Monsters, who was in SP Arte in performance sector curated by Paula Garcia this year.

Other collaborative pieces, as the laces of David Shrigley inspired by the work I Found a Shoe Artist, performed by Third Drawer Down, Australian design studio that works in partnership with renowned artists from around the world since 2003, translating and transporting art to different objects.

Sound art in the dog disc, Bruno Palazzo project, Dora Longo Bahia, Mauritius Ianês and Ricardo Carioba published by 55SP.

And records of Hueso Records like this Atom TM and Ivan Navarro.

About 55SP

Created to spread the contemporary art, the 55SP has fueled the new collecting and buyer's relationship to art and artistic production. In addition to working publicizing new artists, bet on consolidated market names, producing, with the support Trustees, limited and exclusive editions of works. It is also responsible for exhibitions, performances and occupations that can happen exclusively online, in galleries or even in public spaces.

The 55SP was born in March 2015 with a mission to democratize access to the works of major Brazilian and international artists. Carried out projects in independent spaces, Platform as 91, Cartel011, Casanova Art and Culture Epicenter Gardens. In his new space, Santa Cecilia, 55SP to receive musical performances, Art book launches, courses and talks with artists and guests and also issues its projects such as the recent gobble Amelia Toledo and Drawings Post it Fabia Schnoor. "We will continue with the online platform with the entire collection 55SP, the physical space comes from the desire to add, bring to space special projects, Revision partnerships, sound art performances, courses and also conversations between artists ", Julia Morelli complete.

On or Poster 011

With nine years of existence, or Poster 011 itself as a marketplace that is hot spot in youth culture and overflowing energy and ideas, promoting product launches, music sessions, Art and entertainment. With innovative and progressive profile since its opening, or Poster 011 permeates in his art world, design, architecture, sets, photography, music and gastronomy, lifestyle offering to its customers. A multidisciplinary environment in São Paulo with different business coexisting in the same place, or Poster 011 It became a brand that goes beyond their physical space, It is recognized as a business platform that multiplied its original format and expanded its creative market view. With hybrid and diverse network, It is a polarizing platform that combines local culture with global vision and is constantly evolving.

55SP @ occupies no Cartel 011
Opening: 28 July, Saturday, to 14 hours
Local: Artur Rua de Azevedo, 517
Opening time: Wednesday through Saturday from 12 to 20 hours and on Sundays from 11 to 17 hours
More information on www.55sp.art


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