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Gallery House Image. Photo: Disclosure.

Bazaar Home Image

An event that brings together art, design, music and gastronomy is one of the cultural attractions of Curitiba scheduled for this December. During two weekends, Bazaar will be held the House Image, meeting that promotes the interaction of multicultural activities in the same space.

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According to Marco Mello, Bazaar organizer, as well as have fun with programming, the participant will have a unique opportunity: They will be sold, priced at R $ 999,00, works of 30 renowned artists, besides parts 10 also recognized designers. Bazaar Home Image takes place on 7, 8, 14 and 15 of december, from 10 to 20 h, with free admission.

The works can be viewed and booked in advance on the site www.casadaimagem.com.br.

More information and details about the event are also available via Instagram: @ galeria.casadaimagem, Facebook: facebook.com/GaleriaCasadaImagem/ and e-mail contato@casadaimagem.com.br.

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