Entrepreneurs launch book that explains how to achieve success through the power of networking


They do all born with the same chance to shine? And the formula for success, does it really exist? Some experts believe that yes and recent studies have answered yes to the first two questions and that it is closely linked to the persistence, but also much of its ability to relate to others.

To answer these questions, entrepreneurs and speakers Rodolfo Santos and Mariana Tessaroto launched its new e-book People Need People, which is the result of an intensive study of the main subject, interpersonal relationship. In this book, the marketing professionals, business management and photograph address the main differences between relationships and how they interfere in business for success: "The way we behave and deal with the people is decisive in our career. Therefore, we try to show in this book how to live in a positive way at work, behavior in the business environment, body language, micro expressions, empathy, the power of networking, self knowledge, virtual relationships, social networking and other ", highlight.

Rodolfo Santos is one of the leading photographers of Brazil in weddings and creator Industry International Workshop Mastelight, which brings together photographers from various countries between guests, speakers and audience. Mariana Tessaroto a degree in physical therapist and stands out as a speaker and entrepreneurial. Both are partners in business.


Lucky x dedication

Rodolfo Santos explains that one must understand the difference between luck and dedication when it comes to professional success: "A lot of people ask us: how did you get here? What did you do to enter this market? Other, ever judge us saying we had just luck. The truth is that most people can not go in search of their own port due to lack of direction, for not having sufficient resilience or simply because they do not have the idea of ​​what they are looking for ", the firm.

Mariana also correlates that dedication and hard work does not mean suffering from Atlas Syndrome and try to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders: "Be proactive and dedicated not mean that you should embrace the world, you must believe and pursue every opportunity, or carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, but then, sit waiting for the saddled horse pass, the perfect opportunity, You can leave you many steps back, causing miss the timing of events. Therefore relationships and networking are important. We need people at all times and on the journey to success is necessary to count on them to help in the choices made during the journey. Partnerships, good relationship and gratitude are the keys to turn your work into something seen and recognized ".

Book design

Entrepreneurs explain the design of the book: “Our work comes from a single desire to help people so that they spend at least turbulence in the art of undertaking. With this view, our project began a few months ago, Welcome to materialize with the publication of and- book. The intention is to support them in this way showing the ways and paths to reach as soon as possible the common goal, the success".

The book is available for sale exclusively through the internet


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