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10ª 3M Art Show. Photo: Disclosure.

10ª 3M Art Exhibition announces selected via public notice and invited artists

The registrations were made during the month of May and it has four artists selected to join the other six invited by the curator São Paulo, June 2020 – This year, the announcement of the 10th Mostra 3M de Arte ...

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Franco Arminius. Photo: Disclosure.

The Italian Institute of Culture promotes the 3rd edition of the “Ateneo Virtuale” Meeting Cycle

The Italian Institute of Culture promotes the 3rd edition of the Cycle of Meetings “Ateneo Virtuale” to address themes of literature, of art, of Italian cinema and theater, free for the public to participate at home. O próximo encontro será entre ...

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Rolé Carioca National Museum, before the fire. Photo: Thiago Diniz.

Virtual Tour Visit: National Museum

Continuing the virtual program - which has had weekly lives about history and everyday life in the city - the Rolé Carioca Project will offer a virtual visit to the National Museum next Sunday, day 12 July, ...

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Floating Gardens. Disclosure.

Online installation reflects on humanity's relationship with technology

Focused exclusively on the virtual environment, work GARDENS DO FOTÚRETO, of the Core Grouping 2, debut this Sunday, 12 July, joining photography, video, performance and binaural audio Mixing photography, videoart, binaural performance and audio, that reproduces the way sounds ...

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Belmiro de Almeida - Black young woman figure, the 1880. Photo: Daniela Paoliello.

Museum of Art of Rio - MAR launches program of Escola do Olhar Online

Proposal is to present to the public a new form of mediation in the virtual environment, with accessibility features, and revisit educational and training activities prioritizing dialogue More than 100 days since the Art Museum ...

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Giovanna de Toni, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Next Friday in July there will be a dramatized reading cycle by Carlo Goldoni at IIC-Rio

Organizado pelo Instituto Italiano de Cultura o dramaturgo italiano Carlo Goldoni, autor de “Arlequim, server of two masters ”that won in Brazil a spectacular translation by Millôr Fernandes, ganha ciclo de Leituras dramatizadas Com a curadoria da diretora e dramaturga ...

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National Exhibition of Arts on paper Moinho Brasil 35 years, invitation. Disclosure.

National Exhibition of Paper Mill Arts Brazil 35 years by Rosângela Vig

There are millions of affectionate stars in space, Within reach of your eyes… but conjectures Those you don't see, igneous and unknown roses, Visiting at the furthest height. (BILAC, 1997, p.84) Art is made a tireless star, who ...

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International Photography Project “Imagine: Visions of Hope”. Photo: Public Notices and Related.

International Photography Project “Imagine: Visions of Hope”

What brings you hope? Words cannot always define this feeling. As imagens se saem muito melhor! So, se você tem fotografias daquelas que te fazem renovar as forças, corra e se inscreva gratuitamente no projeto ...

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1ª Virtual Exhibition of Inclusive Art, invitation. Disclosure.

Invitation – 1ª Virtual Exhibition of Inclusive Art by Edmundo Cavalcanti

In August and September we will celebrate two important and significant dates for Art and for people with disabilities that are part of modern contemporary society: On 12 August Arts Day and 21 September the ...

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"Remote Control" reflects on the role played by the media Photos: Ding Musa.

News on the virtual schedule for the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin in July

Even in social isolation, with the help of technology, quarantine can be a period of great entertainment and culture Every day, Casa-Museu Ema Klabin strengthens its virtual program with cultural activities through the project #CasaMuseuEmCasa. To participate in ...

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