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Tonico Lemos. Photo: Disclosure.

Bordallo Pinheiro Art Collection – Dialogue between contemporary artists and the Bordallian universe

Exhibition at Instituto Camões presents works by Brazilian and Portuguese artists, numa releitura do legado artístico de Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro *Artistas contemporâneos criam peças de cerâmica inspirados na obra de um ícone da arte em Portugal *Aberta à visitação de ...

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Scene 1 of the exhibition "The Way: The Public Life of Jesus Christ" by Gilmar Pinna. Photo: Disclosure.

Sculptures occupy Avenida Paulista in Corpus Christi to talk about peace

Obras do escultor Gilmar Pinna retratam caminho de Jesus e mostram importância do legado de amor e compreensão O caminho de Cristo guia a nova exposição do escultor Gilmar Pinna, which will open on the day 8 of June, comemoração de ...

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Renato Brunello. The soft landing of the bird, 2019. Marble. 100x105x34 cm | Credits: Everton Ballardin.

Arte132 Gallery extends visitation to the exhibition “The Flight of Matter”, by Renato Brunello

Curated by Laura Rago, 19 Works that form part of the sculptor's production spanning more than five decades are displayed and contrasted in a, size and material in gallery space. Exhibition period will extend until 24 from june until ...

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“A Princesa D’água” by Cadumen (Claudio Carlos Mendonça). Photo: Disclosure.

Cadumen opens the exhibition “MAR DE BUILDINGS” at Alma da Rua Gallery

To continue with the intention of connecting and reconnecting with the people of the big cities and the energy of nature through their art, urban artist and muralist Cadumen inaugurates his new exhibition “Mar de Prédios” at Galeria Alma da ...

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Ricardo Carvalheiro, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Big Heart Parade – Urban intervention that warns of the risk of destruction of the Atlantic Forest – arrives in Belo Horizonte

Curated by the multimedia artist Thiago Cóstackz and the participation of the artist from Minas Gerais Yara Tupynambá, exhibition has 31 heart-shaped sculptures After passing through São Paulo, a Big Heart Parade – Atlantic Forest Edition – no more ...

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Cintia Abravanel, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

CPTM receives artistic installation by Cintia Abravanel

The exhibition takes place in 4 stations of the Plastic Artist Company, award-winning theater producer, director of the Cultural Center of the Silvio Santos Group and creator of the Literature in Theater project. These are just some of the information present in Cintia's vast portfolio. ...

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Exhibition Dialogues with color and light. Photo: Disclosure.

Color and light in the MAM São Paulo collection: exhibition features a selection of Brazilian abstract art

Curated by Cauê Alves and Fábio Magalhães, the exhibition Dialogues with color and light takes to Sala Paulo Figueiredo more than 70 works by artists such as Abraham Palatnik, Alfredo Volpi, Lygia Clark, Tomie Ohtake and Paulo Pasta. The museum ...

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Sérvulo Esmeraldo, Untitled, Screen printing on paper Screen printing, 90 x 100 cm, 1989-2013. Photo: gentle barrier.

CCBB holds the first major retrospective of the artist Sérvulo Esmeraldo, obligatory reference in the history of Brazilian art

“Sérvulo always creates elements full of enchantment, tangent with Op Art and surrealism, with the surprise, and always in the awareness that geometry is the essence of art”. Marcus de Lontra Costa “There is in nature something ...

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Exhibition: Ida Hannemann de Campos Centenary: imaginary, forms and poetics in paranaense art, featured. Disclosure.

Exhibition celebrates the centenary of the birth of Ida Hannemann de Campos

Artist from Curitiba was part of the city's history with his multiple forms of work and marked modern art in Paraná Until today 23 of June, the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR) is the stage for the exhibition “Ida Hannemann Centenary ...

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Valinhos receives the exhibition "Andanças por Terras Estranhas", by Genivaldo Amorim. Photo: Disclosure.

Valinhos receives the exhibition “Wanderings in Strange Lands”, by Genivaldo Amorim

The exhibition is part of the Trajectories Project, organized by Coletivo Ocupe.Arte, and will feature the launch of the second volume of a book that will honor the artist O Coletivo Ocupe.Arte announced the exhibition “Andanças por Terras Estranhas” (Andanças por Terras Estranhas), by artist Genivaldo Amorim. ...

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