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Life for Giovani de Arruda Campos

A blast or an eternity. Depends on your point of view. It depends on the personality. Some believe that is infinite, others who is longing. There's no denying that has its uniqueness. Many times, forget your existence. Other times the feelings ...

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Connect by Giovani de Arruda Campos

Although it is not a novelty the issues involving the internet and building relationships to come over the internet, and that in practice such a strategy is one of the major difficulties of various artists and professionals from the most diverse ...

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“How about an upgrade?” by Giovani de Arruda Campos

We live a time point in society and in organizations. The digital age lives his early days, but, in a little more than 20 years of existence, great innovations have enabled greater accessibility to information, the products and services. Companies such as Google, ...

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“Focus on a goal and don't look back. The past no longer exists, What lies ahead depends on your attitude in this, it means, now.” by Giovani de Arruda Campos

It is a great pleasure to present the new website columnist artworks, an expert in organizational psychology, Giovani de Arruda Campos. He is Coordinator and faculty member at the University Paulista-UNIP/Campus Sorocaba. Teacher with 8 years of experience in courses ...

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