Life for Giovani de Arruda Campos

Giovani de Arruda Campos é Docente, Escritor, Palestrante e Consultor.
Giovani de Arruda Campos is Professor, Writer, Speaker and consultant.

A blast or an eternity. Depends on your point of view. It depends on the personality. Some believe that is infinite, others who is longing. There's no denying that has its uniqueness.

Many times, forget your existence. Other times the feelings in our skin. When go unnoticed is that we're running out of time to live. As if there was something more important than that.

Yes, To be human is to Be paradoxical. Waste your life, following plans for a better life in the future. Future? But that there exists? If you don't now what else is there?


But it is not uncommon, hear-"for now I'm investing, since, one day I will live well, in a House like this, with a baked car "-and so on.

SAccording this concept of life, This is never a pleasure, but part of a project. Life boils down to a project? I don't know, but I'm sorry to say that the uncertainty seems to be the only certainty in this unpredictable imperfection we call life. And it wasn't supposed to be anyway. It seems that it is precisely in this sea of possibilities and paths that the life blooms with more strength and beauty. The wild Green is greener that the synthetic. The azure is more beautiful and pure that the paint varnished.

Our attempts hit the most mediocre imitation. We're a long way from unveiling his nature. Even the letters of the text, even the renowned paintings, or advanced technologies, will be sufficient to reveal it. Our intelligence is negligible when put next to your magic. Yes, Perhaps the word closer to its real meaning, is this: Magic.

Life is one of those things without explanation that only the metaphors they realize. And it's a spell so grand, that when we think about her, immediately feel your strength in our lungs, in our breath, or in the cold, chilly when we think about your dry, in the dark and deep sleep of their antithesis. There is no adult who don't cry when your source dry up.

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