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Exhibition "CLASSICUS" Adriana Ninski, obra Eric Clapton. Photo: Disclosure.


A journey through the history of music

We can say that "Music"It is the art of combining sounds and silence. Thinking about it, the artist Adriana Ninsk, which is also considered one of the best of Brazil blueswoman, He plunged into the historical research from the earliest records of manifestations of this art in primitive tribes in Africa, through the Middle Ages and reaching today.

The artist took to the screens instruments and personalities that influenced his career as a singer and songwriter. Ninsk also makes a beautiful tribute to musicians from the city of Niteroi already shared the stage with her, mixed techniques using recycled material and. One of the artist's concerns is the environment and the responsible use of resources and, with mastery, Any fine compositions, surprising not only with the concept of pop art, but also the contemporary scene. – tells the curator of the exhibition Lu Valencia.

Formed in classic and popular songs for Fluminense Music Conservatory, Niterói / RJ Theory and music perception in UNIRIO, also passed the Art School of Parque Lage, workshops in Amsterdam and today is College of Visual Arts in Art Therapy and training.

"I want to spread joy with my colors and my song, because in life already has a lot of sad and unjust thing. Art helps to live more hope and joy, besides being proven a powerful means of cure for many ills. " – says the artist.

You are our guest from 4 October to know a bit of music history told through colors against, forms and exuberant.

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