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Museum of tomorrow. Photo: Bernard Lessa.
Museum of tomorrow. Photo: Bernard Lessa.

During quarantine, Museum of Tomorrow launches virtual tour of the exhibition “Pratodomundo - Comida para 10 billion"

One year after inauguration, shows, which had more than 250 thousand visitors, will be available on the museum's social networks for three months from this Thursday, day 16 April

Awarded the bronze Grand Prix in the Temporary exhibition category and with the mark of more than 250 thousand visitors, Pratodomundo - Food for 10 billion", that was shown at the Museum of Tomorrow in 12 April to 27 October 2019, back now in online environment. The virtual tour of the exhibition will be available to the public from this Thursday, day 16 April. The initiative integrates the extensive programming of #museuemcasa, promoted by cultural equipment during the coronavirus quarantine, and sponsored by Carrefour.

The exhibition starts from the challenge of how to feed 10 billion people, the estimated number of the population in the decade of 2050, with diversity in production, respect for the environment and nutritional quality. It also intends to reflect on how we must face the challenges of climate change, reduced biodiversity, as extreme hunger and obesity and the unequal distribution of food. In shows, the public knows some alternatives, as cultivation in unexplored regions (tundra, oceans and deserts), and the consumption of foods such as seaweed, non-conventional edible insects and plants.”

“This is a project that continues the‘ Pratodomundo ’mission of proposing a reflection on how we can have a nutritional quality food, respect to the environmental limits of sustainability and also the diversity of production. The virtual tour is a chance to take this content beyond Rio de Janeiro, for Brazil and for anyone else interested in this content in Portuguese. It is a teaser of the exhibition and also becomes a tool for every Pratodomundo to generate interest from new institutions in being able to receive this exhibition., which is already prepared to roam to other museums, cultural and science centers in Brazil and in the world ”, explains Leo Menezes, Content Manager of the Museum of tomorrow.

The exhibition is divided into five major areas: “The culture of eating”, that will show how our eating habits are globalizing, with intense flows, while market pressure is standardizing certain types of food, generating loss of agrobiodiversity; “New agricultural frontiers”, which highlights alternative locations that already produce food but will have to intensify that production; “Technologies”, on techniques to improve food genetics and nutrients and their greater resilience to climate change; “Health and society”, that addresses the quality of global diets, the importance of taking full advantage of food and alternatives for protein consumption, like insects, fungi and algae; and, finally, “Food for tomorrow”, where the visitor becomes the protagonist to solve some challenges for feeding an overpopulated planet.

The exhibition “Pratodomundo” It was organized by the Museum of Tomorrow, under the management of the Institute of Development and Management. Sponsorship Carrefour and IBM support, both through the Federal Law on Cultural Incentives. Support Food Hidden and Isla Seeds and content partners to the United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO), Embrapa and Agence France Presse.

Tomorrow Museum is a cultural institution of the Municipal Secretariat of Culture of Rio de Janeiro, under management Development and Management Institute (IDG).

About the Museum of tomorrow

The Museum of Tomorrow is a museum of applied sciences that explores the opportunities and challenges that humanity will have to face in the coming decades from the perspectives of sustainability and coexistence. Opened in December 2015 by City of Rio, the Museum of Tomorrow is a cultural equipment of the Municipal Secretary of Culture, operating under the management of Institute for Development and Management (IDG). successful example of partnership between government and the private sector, Tomorrow Museum has received over 4 million visitors since opening. Having as master sponsor the Santander Bank, Shell as sponsor and a wide network of sponsors that includes companies like IBM, Engie, American stores, Grupo Globo e Renner, the museum was originally designed by Roberto Marinho Foundation.

A IDG - Institute for Development and Management It is a non-profit organization specializing in managing public cultural centers and environmental programs and is also active in consulting for private companies and the implementation or development of cultural and environmental projects. Currently accounts for managing the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro, Paço do Frevo, in Recife, as operational manager of the Atlantic Forest Fund and as a director of conservation actions and consolidation of the archaeological site of the Valongo wharf, in the port area of ​​Rio de Janeiro. Find out more www.idg.org.br

About the Museum of Tomorrow and the UN ODS

In 2015, the United Nations (UN) created Agenda 2030 with 17 Sustainable Development Goals (ODS), that must be implemented by all countries of the world to 2030. With the pillars of sustainability and coexistence, Tomorrow Museum is committed to the realization of this agenda, providing for eradicating poverty and hunger; protect the planet from degradation through sustainable consumption and production; ensure prosperous life and personal fulfillment of people through economic progress, social and technological, in harmony with nature; and promote peace. To learn more about each ODS, visit the UN website: nacoesunidas.org/pos2015/agenda2030.

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