Modern Art – Expressionism in Brazil – Portinari o Pintor e o Poeta, by Rosângela Vig

Fig. 1 – Discovery of Earth, 1941, Tempera with Glued Support on black paper, 28,6 x 29 cm. Rights João Candido Portinari. Photo: Candido Portinari, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

made a stop, one stop for the train to carry coffee, Before, difficult roads, only ox carts transited, taking days and days. After, a house here, another there. (PORTINARI, 2018, p.19) Portinari's Poetry is confused with his Painting and it may be that this excerpt from his poem brings to mind the universe of … Read more

MIS Experience – Exhibition on Candido Portinari by Rosângela Vig

Fig 1 - The work The First Mass in Brazil, panel with dimensions of 271cm X 501cm, made in tempera on canvas, is 1948.

I am the earth, I am the life. From my clay came first the man. From me came the woman and came the love. Came the tree and came to source. The fruit comes and the flower comes. I am the original source of all life. I'm the ground that sticks to yours … Read more

Ema Klabin House Museum reopens to the public

Ema Klabin House Museum is inspired by Sanssouci Palace (Potsdam, Germany) and designed by Alfredo Ernesto Becker in the mid 1950. Photo: Disclosure.

There are more than 1.500 works by great masters of world art. Scheduled visits follow all biosafety protocols The Ema Klabin House Museum, in Jardim Europa, São Paulo, reabriu ao público com visitas mediadas à casa após um período fechada devido à pandemia de covid-19. So that there is no agglomeration, the release is subject to the control of … Read more

Art in Dialogue Project, in Quarantine, with Cláudio Valério

Cláudio Valério. Photo: Disclosure.

Artist, Restorer, art teacher and critic, Claudio Valério (RJ, 1949) extensive and encouraging trajectory, coordinated the renovation works of the giant screens “Batalha do Avaí” and “Batalha dos Guararapes”, both from the collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts, in the years 1980. At the invitation of architect Oscar Niemeyer, created in 2003 a Panel … Read more

Last week to check out the exhibition "Portinari – The construction of a work "at Caixa Cultural RJ

The exhibition “Portinari – The construction of a work” reaches its last week in Rio de Janeiro Cultural CASH. With free admission, the exhibition can be visited until Sunday, 1st of July, from 10:0 to 9:0 pm. Open to the public on 3 de Mayo, They are over 25 thousand goers. In total, … Read more

Exhibition “Portinari – Construction of a work” It runs until July 1 at Caixa Cultural RJ

They appear 71 studies and models of the works of the artist who was recognized for portraying social inequalities Exposure “Portinari – The construction of a work” continue occupying the space of CAIXA Cultural Rio de Janeiro until July 1. Open to the public on 3 de Mayo, a mostra foi vistaRead more

Collection of sacred art is featured in virtual auction

Paper D Dresser. Joseph I of rosewood with secret compartment for value guard, da Bahia, 21st century. XVIII. Photo: Disclosure.

Auction will feature collection of Maria Antonia Marinho, the House of the Alto da Boa Vista in Rio de Janeiro and other principals. The works will be auctioned in days 23 and 24 August, from the 9:00 pm. With great furniture collection, sacred images, Silver, crockery Cla Indias, academic and contemporary paintings, … Read more

Collection of sacred art is featured at auction in São Paulo

Collection of sacred art is featured at auction in São Paulo. Photo: Disclosure.

Auction in São Paulo will have collection of Maria Antonia Marinho, of Casa do Alto da Boa Vista in the city of Rio de Janeiro and other clients With large collection of furniture, sacred images, Silver, crockery Cla Indias, academic and contemporary paintings, lithographs and rare books, all of the 17TH centuries, XVIII, XIX and XX, … Read more

BETWEEN US-the human figure in the collection of the MASP

Candomble, circa 1930 - Pedro Figari. Photo: Disclosure.

GALLERIES 1 And 2 THE CCBB BRASILIA, FROM 18 FROM JULY TO 18 SEPTEMBER. FREE ENTRY. Exposure brings the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil Brasilia works of the great masters of all time * CA 100 obras do maior acervo de arte da América Latina *Apresentação de duas obras recentemente adquiridas: ' Candomble ', de PedroRead more

Mazo Auctions exposes works of art in the Icarus Space

Kboco, Vik Muniz and Paolo Ridolfi are among the works exhibited until 08 November Mazo Leilões is exhibiting between the days 29 October and 08 November in the Icarus Space, the developer AG7, some works of art that will be auctioned on the day 10 November at Graciosa Country Club. The exhibition features … Read more