CCBB São Paulo receives a show by the award-winning Yara de Novaes

Presented by the Ministry of Tourism and Banco do Brasil,

"Fog" is a demonstration of strength by human beings who do not give up.

Directed by Yara de Novaes, the show opens on the night of 12 November, the CCBB São Paulo.

The show Neblina had national premiere in January 2020, at CCBB Belo Horizonte. After a break from 17 months, due to the closing of the theaters across the country, Mist returned on poster, with in-person audience, in August 2021, for two-month season at CCBB Rio de Janeiro. In São Paulo, the show opens on the night of 12 November, the CCBB São Paulo, where it stays on until January. The work was conceived by actor Leonardo Fernandes (APCA Award 2017, best actor) with producer Tatyana Rubim, with unpublished text by Sérgio Roveri (Shell-SP Award 2006, of best author) and direction of the award-winning Yara de Novaes. In scene, Leonardo Fernandes and Fafá Rennó live the drama of Diego and Sofia, Rafael and Julia's alter egos, that takes place on a cold and foggy night. The season of the show Neblina, the CCBB São Paulo, it will be with the public in person and the representations will take place every Friday, to 18:30h, and on Saturdays and Sundays, às 17h. Tickets are purchased in advance through the website


about dramaturgy

Director Yara de Novaes explains that Sérgio Roveri's play has many layers: "It's a text that looks simple at first glance and when you lean over, realize it's a very deep text, layered, which means much more than the words say. These are texts that come with a previous life, the words are just the result of this life he manages to generate there, in very deep places. We have seen this while we are studying the text or already setting up the scene or studying the text in scene. We realized that many times we did not understand the absolute of that text. He always has a mystery to offer us., not this mystery of the plot, but a human mystery to offer us.” to Yara, in the assembly, the big challenge is to get, through the text, jump to a place that is more transcendent: "It's a text that asks for the transcendent." The director believes that the play wants to propose the inexorability of life. "Death is a very sure thing, as well as the loss. However, we avoid it all the time. We Westerners understand death as the end and not as a transformation or a natural course of life. And this is the big pain, we tend to want to keep everything as it is, it's very difficult to accept that things change.”

the scenic truth

to the author, the key word of the show is the truth: "Each element or each agent of the part, list, direction, scenario, trail, have to compose a real game. The great challenge of the piece in this regard is the following: if there's a fake tail showing, the structure of this couple dismantles. Sofia has to believe everything Diego is saying and he needs to believe everything Sofia is saying and doing. It's the belief of what they're living on that particular night, that makes the closure of the plot so impactful and surprising". And it is little by little that this couple will show themselves to the public. Roveri says that the show brings what we are willing to do in pursuit of overcoming difficulties. "It's a piece that shows that human beings don't know limits or they are challenged to extrapolate their limits in the name of overcoming, in search of a new day, of a new morning, of a reinvention of life. And even though I'm not sure what you're doing, you do. The characters are moved by this good intention to keep life, health, the relationship. The play is a demonstration of the strength of human beings who do not give up.”

Elements that make up the scene

About the elements that make up the scene, Yara de Novaes explains that “when we talked about this space, which has a dramaturgical function, we understood that he would need to be spiritual, a space that could promote these metaphors, that the text itself suggests or evokes. It's an empty space at first, with a pendulum, which is a stone. The soundtrack follows the characters. give them ground, or makes them have the possibility to leave that space, from that time." The director explains that these elements on stage contribute because they are there: "to help you understand that everything is impermanent, that nothing will be the way it is forever. I think this is what we are all looking for., a very deep understanding of this impermanence.”


Leonardo Fernandes is an actor, director, drama teacher and illustrator, and received in 2017 one of the most important awards in the country: APCA (São Paulo Association of Art Critics) Best Actor for his performance in Dog Buried Vivo. He was part of the cast of Brotherhood, an original series from Netflix, directed by Pedro Morelli, participated in the film Pearl, directed by Murilo Benício, where he plays Brazilian playwright Mauro Rasi, next to Drica Moraes. His most recent work in theater was Casa Submersa, by Kiko Marques (Old Company). Neblina is his eighteenth professional show.

Fafá Rennó is from Belo Horizonte, living in São Paulo since 2012, co-founder and former Member of the Cia. of Teatro Luna Lunera. Graduated from CEFAR-Palácio das Artes and holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism from FUMEC-BH. Integrated several theatrical productions, being nominated for awards as an actress and playwright, enter them: in the next room, direction by Yara Novaes; The King and the Bewitched Crown (childish), directed by Cynthia Falabella and Débora Falabella, being nominated for the São Paulo Prize for Incentive to Children and Youth Theater, in the Best Actress category; crazy for them, directed by Fernando Cardoso and text by Argentine Marcos Carnevale; Mind Lie, by Sam Sheppard, directed by Matheus Monteiro. He was part of the cast of the series Beleza S/A, GNT, and what monster bit you? (childish), of TV Cultura, direction Cao Hamburguer. On Rede Globo, he was part of the cast of Felizes para Semper?, directed by Fernando Meirelles, like the Virna character, in addition to the Vade Retro series, Harassment and PSI. His most recent works are: the School of Geniuses series, from Gloob, like the character Renné; the feature film Turma da Mônica – Ties, directed by Daniel Rezende, like the character Dona Cebola; the second season of the Samantha series! and The Chosen, ambas da NetFlix; the play The Princess Falalinda without speaking out (childish), directed by Cynthia Falabella; the webseries Farol de Neblina, directed by Clarissa Campolina and Yara de Novaes; and the feature film How to Hack Your Boss, directed by Fabrício Bittar.

Yara de Novaes is from Belo Horizonte, living in São Paulo since 2003. Actress, theater director and teacher, taught at PUC-Minas, UFPe, Uni-BH e, currently, at FAAP-SP. She has worked as an actress for 35 years and as a director for more than 25 years. Currently, as an actress, is recording the movie “Zé”, directed by Rafael Conde, is in the cast of the next Globo soap opera “Um Lugar ao Sol” and will make a series on Amazon, as a director, she is playing in São Paulo with the show “Entre”. His most recent works are: Contractions, de Mike Bartlett; An Alaskan Species, de Harold Pinter; LoveLoveLove, de Mike Bartlett; and fair, Newton Moreno. He received several awards for his performances and direction, among them the APCA, Shell, Critical Question, APTR and Applause Brazil. In Belo Horizonte, their homeland, founded two companies, the Theater Group Encena and the Odeon Companhia de Teatro, the latter alongside director Carlos Gradim. At Odeon, he directed and acted in shows of great importance to the theater scene in Minas Gerais and Brazil. Among them, Ricardo 3°, of William Shakespeare and the Coordinator, de Benjamim Galimiri. In 2005, already in São Paulo, founds the Group 3 of Theatre, along with Débora Falabella and Gabriel Fontes Paiva. Directed as guest several shows in the last years, such as: Uncle Vania, of the Galpão Group; Path to Mecca, with Cleyde Yaconis; and the adaptations of: the woman who laughs, de Zsigmond Móricz; Maria Miss, Guimarães Rosa; The girls, Lygia Fagundes Telles; O Capote, the Nicolai Gógol; white nights, of Fyodor Dostoevsky; nightly, with the Inverted Theater; Shots in Osasco, by Cássio Pires, with a cast formed by 11 young actors from the Experimental Nucleus of Performing Arts of SESI-SP. Your most recent directions are: To Narcissus's Wrath, by Sérgio Blanco; Opaque bodies, a poem-scenic, with Carolina Virguez and Sara Antunes; Between, by Eloísa Elena; and Brian or Brenda, by Franz Kepller, these last two with Carlos Gradim as a partner. His last performance was In This Crazy World, on this bright night, by Silvia Gomez, directed by Gabriel Paiva. Has done several digital experiments during the pandemic, among them, Fair, in the SESC AT HOME project, the game Dismemory and How Gypsies Pack their Bags, Newton Moreno, with Grupo Galpão.

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Sérgio Roveri is a playwright and journalist, author of 25 theatrical plays, of which 20 have already been staged by directors like Elias Andreato, Alberto Button, José Roberto Jardim, Marco Antonio Rodrigues, Rodolfo Garcia Vazquez, Sergio Ferrara, Maria Alice Vergueiro, Yara de Novaes and André Guerreiro. He has been nominated three times for the Shell Best Author, having won in 2007 with the text Spread Wings About Us. He won first place at the Funarte Dramaturgy Prize with the play Andaime, in 2008. Part of his theatrical production can be found in the books O Teatro de Sérgio Roveri and Primeiras Obras Collection, edited by the Official Press of the State of São Paulo, and Sérgio Roveri in Quatro Tempos e Medeia, Maria e Marilyn, published by Giostri Editora. Wrote the biographies of actor and playwright Gianfrancesco Guarnieri (A Scream in the Air) and writer Tatiana Belinky (…And whoever wants to Tell Another), for the Applause Collection. As screenwriter, developed works for Rede Globo and GNT. He is part of the team of authors present at the Coletânea in Spanish Teatro Contemporáneo Brasileño, edited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Has had plays staged in Colombia and Portugal. Some of his texts have been translated into Spanish, English and French. He was one of the authors invited to represent Brazil during the Paris Book Fair, in March 2015. As screenwriter, participated in the creation team of the Norma series, Rede Globo, Three Teresas, of the GNT Channel, from the film De Onde Te Vejo and the documentary República Madalena.

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After driving the car over a boulder at the intersection of a deserted road, a woman, Sofia (Fafá Rennó), walks more than an hour in search of help, until I find a house with the lights on, where Diego lives (Leonardo Fernandes), a lonely man with an unfriendly personality. The cold and fog of that dawn will force Sofia to wait until dawn to be able to leave. strangely, the dawn for the two characters takes a long time to come. Existential issues related to how to deal with the loss, the mourning, the suffering and ways to overcome them are inserted in the story of this mysterious couple.


Direction: Yara de Novaes
Text: Sérgio Roveri
Production direction: Tatyana Rubim
List: Fafá Rennó and Leonardo Fernandes
Scenario: André Cortez
Original Soundtrack: Dr Morris
Light: Antônio Wagner
body preparation: Eliatrice Gischewski
Costumes: Ivana Neves and Leonardo Fernandes
Aderecist: Marcelo Andrade
Graphic Design: Studio Craft (James Macedo)
Graphic Project Photography: Alessandra Nohvais
Press Office: Ney Motta
Photos disclosure: Guto Muniz
Idealization: Leonardo Fernandes and Tatyana Rubim
Rubim Produções Team: Sônia Branco Cerqueira, Barbara Amaral, Juliana Peixoto, Mariana Angelis and Letícia Leiva


Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil Sao Paulo
Rua Álvares Penteado, 112 – Historical center, SP Triangle, São Paulo – SP
Open all days, from 9:00 to 6:00 pm, except Tuesdays.
Access to the boardwalk by the São Bento subway station.
Information: (11) 4297-0600

Convenient Parking and Transfer: The CCBB has an agreed parking on Rua da Consolação, 228 (R$ 14 for a period of 6 hours – it is necessary to validate the ticket at the CCBB box office). On the way back, stops at República subway station.

Season: From 12 November to 12 th December 2021 and of 14 to 23 January 2022.
Hours of representations: Fridays, to 18:30h, Saturdays and Sundays, às 17h.
Tickets purchased in advance through the website (sales from 5 November)

Value of admission: R$ 30 (entire) and R $ 15 (half)
audience capacity: Temporarily reduced to 40% of theater capacity.
Easy access for people with disabilities and companions.
Duration: 60 minutes
Rating: 14 years


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