With humor and eroticism, artist exposes for the first time pieces that enhance the feminine delicacy

Artist Angela Bassichetti offers unpublished works as the fun Sorvetetas and the Lapinettes

Arte de Angela Bassichetti. Foto: Divulgação.
Art of Angela Bassichetti. Photo: Disclosure.

São Paulo, 09 from March 2016 – The artist Angela Bassichetti has just released its first exhibition, named Chez Elle. With boldness, humor and eroticism, the paintings and sculptures of the artist work the delicacy of the female soul with pinches of sex, irony and a Parisian touch. All the pieces are unpublished and are currently on display at apArt Private Gallery, in the Jardins district, in São Paulo.

With great subtlety, the artist creates a playful universe in which the woman exercises absolute power. Chez Elle presents us with a complex ecosystem, the result of the intersection between Paris and the female soul. "The romance of the city – its shops, cafes, music and art – seem to free the desires of women. It is in Paris that the female soul becomes even more generous with yourself, allowing all concessions: Vanity, lust and mainly, the pleasure. ", explains Angela. The entire collection features a highly empoderador character, playing humorous way with the difference between the sexes and emphasize the delicacy present in female soul.

The exhibition Chez Elle has 22 parts, who play with the imagination. We can highlight the fun Sorvetetas: cold porcelain sculptures resembling delicate balls of ice cream, topped with colorful sprinkles, cherries and whipped cream. A closer look you will realize that a Sorveteta is more than a simple scoop of ice cream: is a female provocadamente breast decorated as an innocent sweetie. In "a ball", "Two Balls", "Cone", "100% cocoa" and "Tutti-Frutti".

Arte de Angela Bassichetti. Foto: Divulgação.
Art of Angela Bassichetti. Photo: Disclosure.

Each piece features a unique story and fun, blending luxury with a touch of irony. In the case of Sorvetetas, the artist plays the formula is "produced handmade, using in your recipe: Erotica, mood, whipped cream and cherries on the cover. Everything nicely mixed with hand and flu during a one-night stand. "

In a classical analysis woman x man, the artist created the Lapinettes: small sexy rabbits that represent a combination of feelings and desires of every woman. The Lapinettes are usually accompanied by the Lapinus. They want to teach about the beautiful and love, While the Lapinus are only interested in taking your clothes.

Another piece that deserves highlight is the painting "Animal Crackers in the Soup". Inspired by the book by Charles Bukowski, the oil painting 1,75 by 1,25 It depicts "the unlikely love relationship between two such different beings: the man and the woman ".

All the pieces are on display in the Gallery until the day Private apartment 31 March and may be acquired during the period of the exhibition. At the end, some works may also be rented.


Exhibition Chez Elle
From 19 of February to 31 March
Local: Apart Private Gallery
Address: Rua José Maria Lisboa, 463

Phone: (11) 99273-2172

Scheduled site visits www.apartprivategallery.com or via email ap.art@hotmail.com


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Arte de Angela Bassichetti. Foto: Divulgação.
Art of Angela Bassichetti. Photo: Disclosure.

About Angela Bassichetti

Angela Bassichetti's Creative Director and artist. Worked for 14 years in advertising agencies, period in which he received several awards, as Cannes, One Show, D&Ad and Clio. Currently working as Creative Director at Turner Time Warner for all Latin America.

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In his current job as artist, developed a fantastic universe and its creatures. Through oil paintings and sculptures, brings the real world, the whole ecosystem that if springs on female soul. A work full of eroticism, love and humor.

He has participated in national and international exhibitions, as the Yen Illustration Exhibition in Australia, and had his work published in editions of Zupi and Curvy. Chez Elle is your first solo exhibition. Learn more details of the work of the artist on the site abassichetti.tumblr.com

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