Crochet: learn to use it inside your home

Você também é daquelas pessoas que tem dúvidas sobre como usar o crochet in decoration?

Although this is a very common craft, the crochet still creates impasses when inserting in the decoration, because in most cases the pieces are rich in colors and details that are difficult to match with the rest of the decoration..


But don't worry, because today we're going to help you incorporate the most beautiful crochet works into your home decor., or even at a reception of a construction and engineering company, for example. See tips:

How to use crochet in decoration

Older and more traditional crochet patterns, especially in Brazil, tend to be more colorful and contrasting.

However, it has also become common to use crochet in scandinavian style, which is more classic, clean and minimalist. That said, usually come in light colors, neutral and devoid of details and prints.

Soon, is an option that can be used even to match the aluminum frames doors and windows from your home.

So that now, in fact, no matter what style of crochet you plan to use in your decor, It is important to pay attention to the harmony of the colors present in the piece and those of the rest of the environment.

For example, a colorful crochet bedspread with floral details looks beautiful in a room with white walls and floors, that's why the quilt becomes the protagonist of the environment.

If the goal is to create a cleaner and more modern aesthetic, prefer crochet in just one color and smooth texture.

You can still explore the use of crochet in decoration creating points of light and contrast. For example, can you imagine an all blue sofa with yellow crochet pillows?

Part shape and size

This trick works especially well on floors. In other words, when to use crochet in the decoration with rugs, for example, try to balance the size of the piece with the size of the environment.

For example, a very large room is disproportionate to a small rug. In this case, so as not to let the crochet rug “get lost” in the decoration, the tip is to bring him to an environment where he can stand out.

If the floor is made of burnt cement from a white cement supplier, for example, the ideal is to use colored crochet.

The shape of the crochet hook is another important element.. For example, circular rugs in general inspire refined decor, romantic and even childish. The square and rectangular pieces give a more modern environment..

Inserting crochet in the kitchen

Everyone has memories of using crochet in the kitchen.. It could be to cover an appliance, in a stainless steel cabinet price, a water filter or even a tablecloth.

By the way, Crochet has always been a very popular decorative element in Brazilian kitchens..

In fact, in the kitchens, inserting crochet can be easier than we think, this because, kitchen decor can be quite versatile., you can continue using the crochet pieces in the traditional way, like the classic gas cylinder outfit.

Or same, inserting details in curtains and bag pulls, for example. Or, if you prefer, take more modern lines and incorporate other crochet elements to frame the decor.

For example, crochet doormats add value to provide a more vintage air to the environment, or even to cover defects that would only be solved with a floor and floor scraping.

but in fact, in the kitchens, and along with any decor, it is possible to insert the crochet in a very harmonious way. It is also worth following the idea of ​​using crochet tablecloths and towels.

Another trend is the pan holders, you can set up a table with these charming and elegant pieces.

Inserting crochet in the bathroom

just like the kitchen, the bathroom is another room in the house where crochet has always been close by. Crochet rugs are popular in this setting., mainly the sets with toilets and roll holders.

Even on floors that were made with materials from a vinyl flooring dealer, for example, why crochet rugs don't take away the beauty of floors, even on more expensive floors like porcelain or marble floors, for example.

Another way to use crochet in bathroom decor is to bet on baskets made with this technique.. They are beautiful and help to keep hygiene and beauty products and items close at hand..

Inserting crochet in the room

Crochet is also incomparable in decorating a room.. Soft and warm texture brings coziness and comfort, two essential things in such an environment. To use crochet in bedroom decor, invest in pillows, mantas, beanbags and rugs.

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It is even worth mentioning that crochet work values ​​boho and Scandinavian decor..

If that's your intention, so you can use it without fear.

Inserting crochet in the room

No fourth, the main place to use crochet is in bed. Crochet quilts are still very coveted today., And it is not for nothing. They look perfect in rooms and can be combined with the most diverse styles of room decor..

For example, along with good lighting made with a good design LED lighting distributor, crochet can give a vintage style,

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If combined with series frames, movies and games, can provide geek style without interfering with anything. By the way, this combination can be quite fun.

Even for those who take bedroom decor very seriously., you can bet on crochet bedspreads that you will not regret. In short, can be used in:

  • pillowcases;
  • blankets;
  • Carpets;
  • Curtains;
  • Headboard.

Crochet baskets are another beautiful way to incorporate this handicrafts in your room. Just use creativity and insert the croce to bring more beauty and harmony to the environments.

Inserting crochets into corporate decorations

Crochet can also be inserted into decorations in companies. A good example is using crochet armchair in interior design companies and gardening and maintenance.

The main point is to focus on creativity and not limit yourself to decoration patterns. After all, is something that can even draw the attention of customers who arrive at a company with such a simple decoration..

Discover the history of crochet

Now that we've seen some tips on how you can insert crochet into your decor., how about knowing a little bit of the history of this versatile embroidery?

Unfortunately, little is known about the origins of crochet. However, There are theories that crochet already existed in 1500 aC. In short, there are three theories that dictate the emergence of crochet.

Some believe it came from Arabia, arrived in Europe via Spain and spread to other Mediterranean countries via Arab trade routes.

Another version is believed to have come from South America., where the primitive tribes of Peru used it as decoration for rites of passage.

Another theory is that it originated in China., where very old crochet dolls were found and scattered along the Silk Road.

However, it is impossible to determine when and where crochet originated. It can be said that it was already known in India, China, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt during the Middle Ages.

Spreading across Europe under the name of tambourine, in the Middle Ages it was taught to girls from good families in monasteries, and so the crochet technique became a favorite pastime of Italian ladies, spanish and french.

During the Renaissance, followed by Louis XIV, technology has improved, thus increasing the quality of work. The French Revolution allowed the export of this technology to all European countries (Ireland, Great Britain and Nordic countries) thanks to noble families.

The technique improved little by little over the following centuries., along with the emergence of various decoration techniques, as income. But in century Ireland 19, crochet has reached its peak and has become a true industry.

In fact, after the Great Famine of 1846, the abbot of an Irish monastery is said to have asked his congregation for permission to teach the technique to the women of the town so they could work from home..

The success was huge, and Irish lace made in Dublin and Belfast was exported all over the world, especially in Victorian England. These lace were used to decorate clothes and underwear., in addition to making jewelry for the house.

Also in France, industry developed and gradually replaced handicrafts, in Franche-Comté and then throughout the country.

Techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, are the subject of books where you can learn basic techniques and find many models of work.

Thus, after teaching crochet techniques to Queen Victoria's court, Miss Riego de Blanchardière published her first magazine on the subject: “the needle”. He edited many patterns and created the aujourd stitch known today as Irish crochet..

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