Essential items to make your home cozy


Have one cozy house is the dream of many Brazilians. Since the beginning of the quarantine, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have spent more time at home, thinking of ways to better use the space.

Even a swivel executive chair purchased to use during your home office period can be an element that will start a self-made decorative revolution.

The reassessment of decoration of rooms and environments of the house ends up being normal when we spend a longer period indoors.


Free time can be much better used if you think about new layouts, color changes and, even, new furniture and decorative objects.

Some elements that we will detail later, like plants and lighting, can make a big difference without spending a lot, in addition to creating more warm and welcoming environments.

How to make your home more cozy?

 Thinking about the desire to transform your home into a more comfortable environment with a feeling of coziness, it is possible to think of some basic tricks to better explore the environments of the house without spending too much and getting the desired result.

1.    Details

The first point is to be careful with the details. There is no need to do a major renovation to change your rooms and make them more pleasant. Details have the ability to completely modify an environment easily, fast and stress free.

A vertical blind well used can already be a great addition to your decor. Start thinking about accessories. These parts can be different, such as:

  • Frames;
  • Ornaments;
  • Glasses;
  • Gifts.

The correct use of these items in a new decoration can make the home environment much more alive, with a feeling of greater comfort and an identification with the decoration.

In addition, you can use photos and affective objects to compose an environment, creating an area of ​​memories that gives a much more intimate impression to a certain room.

2.    Furniture

Another option that can be taken into account is the movement of your furniture. Many times, keeping house objects in the same place can make a tired impression, because of the daily routine.

The simple act of moving furniture can completely renovate your home. In addition, you can find a new usability for some furniture that was left out, reusing the materials you already have to create something completely new.

Investing in fabrics can be a good way to explore decorative changes without spending a lot. These pieces usually act like wildcards, modifying existing furniture and giving a feeling of greater comfort and tranquility to the room.

3.    environments

Create a relaxing place in your home. Many times, letting your routine take over can end up causing a higher level of mental exhaustion, and with that a series of problems can arise.

You can hire the services of a professional gardening and landscaping to create an interesting environment, using nature's resources.

It is important to have a space in your home where you can reconnect with yourself, practice an activity of your taste like reading, listening to music or any other hobby.

This type of activity is essential to not cause problems arising from stress, anxiety and depression.

In addition, Relaxation environments usually pass a more tranquil energy to the home as a whole, and must be explored without fear to create new and comfortable environments.

4.    Colors

Colors have a powerful effect on decorating environments. This is because they can change the whole concept presented. Choosing your color palette is essential to create any type of decoration.

If you want to create a welcoming environment, the ideal is to bet on darker colors, while the warm tones make the place much more alive.

For a room that requires tranquility and concentration, as a home office area, betting on light colors may be the solution. The important thing is to plan accordingly to be able to explore the concepts of color mixing.

You can, for example, paint just one of the walls of the room in a different color, creating a highlight for that space and contrasting with the rest of the room.

In addition, it is important to think that the colors you choose will be the basis for choosing color in the furniture and decorative objects that will be used to compose the room.

Apostar no verde para um ambiente com um jardim vertical pode trazer mais vida e conforto para qualquer casa.

5.    Lighting

Another key element to improve your decor is to think carefully about the lighting. Try to make the most of natural lighting.

Besides being free, natural lighting brings a series of benefits both to your health and to the decoration of a certain environment, especially if you decide to use plants in your design.

Em um dormitório planejado, lighting does an important job for the structure. For lamps, it is necessary to identify which elements are most suitable for each type of room.

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If you are creating a rest and relaxation room, more intimate lighting may be ideal, to create a more pleasant climate.

For focus environments, I study and work, light and white lamps can help improve your concentration while you are doing your activities.

6.    Style

The decorative style you choose is the big secret to properly structure your home. It will set the tone for the design as a whole, and must be thought of taking into account a number of factors.

The space you have available for each environment is the north that will allow you to exercise your creativity when decorating, allowing you to search for objects on the line you're organizing.

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Investing in the protection of your decorative objects can be a good option. The upholstery waterproofing can prevent a number of accidents.

It's possible, including, think of professionals in the field for a more analytical look, that helps you to identify possibilities of decoration and structure that do not generate expenses and make the environment closer to what you want.

A professional will be able to better explore all the design possibilities, mainly because it will take into account a number of important factors, like your lifestyle, interests and tastes of you and your family.

See the best objects to decorate your home

Some objects act like a wildcard, mainly because of the ease of finding them. It is possible to create beautiful environments using low cost tools, as long as you use them correctly.


Most room decorations take into account the use of pillows in their design. That's because these pieces add comfort, versatility and a pleasant view of any furniture.

Pillows can have the most varied patterns, then, using them according to the chosen decoration style is the recipe for success in a room. In addition, these objects tend to be much more affordable than other decorating options.


Another element that brings an immediate identification of comfort are the carpets. It is interesting to think of this decorative object as a detail in the room.

Therefore, try to find rugs that match the colors of your curtain. This expands the visual identification of an environment, creating a greater sense of space and coziness.

Long-haired rugs can bring a much more comfortable feel to a room.


The advantages of using plants in your decoration are numerous. The first point is that they bring life to your home, a feeling of contact with nature.

Plants can be an excellent way to style your home decor, but it is important to know which ones to choose. Because they are living beings, you need to take care that your needs are met.

Elements like sunlight, water and an adequate resting place are essential to improve the thermal sensation and comfort that plants can provide.


Aromatic candles have increasingly become a sophisticated and elegant decorative element.

In addition to having different sizes and shapes, allowing their use in the design of the environment, lighting a candle can make the place much more cozy. The flavoring is an important element of the decoration as a whole.


Another element widely used in decoration, wooden objects give a closer impression when combined with good ambient lighting.

These objects have a much greater sense of elegance, allowing a series of explorations in the field of design.

A countertop towel rack can be very elegant allied to a wooden tray, for example.

In addition, the use of material on floors and walls is also encouraged, creating more intimate and appropriate environments for leisure and rest areas.

All decor will be dependent on your budget. But it is possible to create and invent with few resources, allowing you to renovate your home without leaving it.

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