CAWE Gallery Hosts Artist Surian Barone's DIGITAL Exhibition

CAWE Gallery holds virtual exhibitions of Independent Artists.

The Artist's DIGITAL Exhibition Surian Barone | curated by CAW, goes to 29 Nov.


About the exhibition: "Digital" are drawings created and elaborated with mixed technique, some were drawn using a black Bic pen and later colored on the computer, other, only digitally developed. Some were created from theme suggestions, but most are free creations. They are finished with printing on Couché Paper 250mm and printed in A4 formats, A3, A2; in wood/glass frames with multiple color options.

Surian Barone | It's Curitibano, fifty five years. Self-taught visual artist. Graduated in Theater Direction, set designer and props; in cinema works as an Art Director. He works as a Social Educator at the Pequeno Príncipe Rehabilitation and Coexistence Center in São José dos Pinhais.

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The works are inserted during the period of the Exhibition and to acquire the available works, just contact the Artist directly. In the exhibition you have the contact of the Artist.

Free Service:
Exhibition: DIGITAL
Day: Even day 29 Nov


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