CAWE Gallery Hosts Artist Surian Barone's DIGITAL Exhibition

Obra "Diálogos" of Surian Barone. Photo: Disclosure.

CAWE Gallery holds virtual exhibitions of Independent Artists. Artist Surian Barone's DIGITAL Exhibition under the curatorship of CAW, goes to 29 Nov. About the exhibition: "Digital" are drawings created and elaborated with mixed technique, some were drawn using a black Bic pen and later colored on the computer, other, only digitally developed. Alguns foramRead more

Yellow “attention to yellow” is featured on social media in Contemporary Art

Yellow “attention to yellow”. Photo: Disclosure.

A “clinic” virtual is the new National work in Contemporary Art, with CAW Conducting and Curation (@cawoficial). In 2017 started the research under the theme mental health, research on the depression rate among young people and the lack of attention to suicide. The data is alarming in Brazil and nothing is said … Read more

Stories with Dolls for the Environment Online

Stories with Dolls for the Environment Online at Centro Cultural Ju Yao. Photo: Disclosure.

The Ju Yao Cultural Center with text by Marlon Silva, brings Stories for the Environment. The stories are interpreted by puppets and set in fictional settings where it reflects the importance of nature preservation. In a simple and playful way to get to the practice of small. Are 4 stories: A Vaca Helma on … Read more

Art and Scenography of the MARGARETH Series stands out

MARGARETH Series, produced by CAW - Independent Artists. Photo: Disclosure.

It happened last Sunday at the Mercure Hotel in Nova Iguaçu, the official launch of the MARGARETH Series, produced by CAW (@cawoficial), a collective for Independent Artists. The series will have some episodes set in Nova Iguaçu, which will also feature artists from the city itself. Beyond Nova Iguaçu, she will also have episodes in Rio de Janeiro, Are … Read more

Exhibition Shows Creative Process of 36 Artists from All Brazil

Artist Julia Benetton (Piracicaba-SP). Photo: Disclosure.

Exhibition Against Time Curatorship: CAW Overflowing art is when we are forbidden to express our feelings, wishes, anxieties and anxieties. Artists show each creative process in their most intimate desire to create and make art. Arrested for facts, but overflowing acts. Each artist has a different meaning of each feeling for himself, not leaving … Read more

Photographic exhibition shows deserted Guarapari landscapes

Hidden Exhibition “a different look from beauties”, Morro Beach. Disclosure.

Hidden Exhibition “a different look from the beauties” Artist Ju Yao That the beauties of Guarapari are incredible that we already know, now that in addition to the beauties have even more magnitudes this we will know in the Virtual Exhibition OCULTO “a different look from the beauties” by Artist Ju Yao Curated by CAW. The Exhibition is a set of photographs, … Read more

Video Art at the National CAW Show in May

Corona Clown. Photo: CAW capture.

During the quarantine period between 18 and 28 de Maio happens the CAW National Competitive Theater Show, performed by CAW productions and under artistic direction by Ju Yao. This year we received 180 entries from all over Brazil and artists from São Paulo were selected, Minas Gerais, Goiás and Rio de Janeiro for the technical and … Read more

Free Online Cultural Qualification in Curation at CAW

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, countless professionals will need to innovate in their products, create new projects and strengthen ideas to make up for lost time. Aiming to contribute with professionals from all over Brazil, CAW productions that carries out projects in the most varied artistic languages ​​has already qualified about 800 professionals since the year 2010 and … Read more

free courses in Theater / Film / Arts / Photography in Polo Social Arts

A CAW – Cooperative Wooleefer Actors open selection process with more than 100 free places on courses for low-income people in the State of Art Polo of Rio de Janeiro. "Studies show that smile and laugh increase the number of T cells in the blood". Essas células de nome sugestivo coordenam a resposta imuneRead more