Immersion in playful environments and paradoxical scales inspire installation at the Museum of Tomorrow, in the river

No physical contact, technology captures the movement of visitors and provides interaction with sounds and images in high definition;

IMFUSION will be open to the public in 29 October, respecting the protocols of health authorities.

Belo Horizonte receives IMFUSION in December of this year and São Paulo in the first quarter of 2021

Rio de Janeiro, October 2020 – The development of new technologies and scientific achievements have impacted the way human beings relate to nature on scales of paradoxical proportions. At the same time that we manipulate tiny forms - like viruses and bacteria - we explore immensities like the Moon or Mars. IMFUSION is a technological installation that provides a playful experience, capable of awakening reflections on how we interact with the micro and macro, in different contexts and environments.


Developed by DeepLab Project, produced by Dellarte, IMFUSION opens to the public in 29 October, at the Museum of tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro. To participate in the experience you need to schedule, even if the visitor has already purchased the ticket through for entry to the Museum. In this way, visitation to the facility is subject to availability of open hours on the day.

The measure aims to comply with the protocols stipulated by the health authorities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, limiting the number of visitors, both in the Museum and for the IMFUSION. The operation is from 10 am to 5 pm and the installation can be seen until 29/11.

From micro to macro, three scenarios are explored: from the molecule to the diversity of a forest to the immensity of the universe. In 12 minutes, visitors will be immersed in colorful shapes and interacting with sensors with full projections of special effects - graphics and sound. The technology employed eliminates the need for physical contact and fantasy is achieved through approximation.

In a dark room, with 5,7 meters wide, 4 meters of height, and 10,4 meters deep, cameras and sensors capture the movement of the person who starts to interfere randomly in the exhibitions. A metaphor of man's interaction with nature.

Only six people are admitted per session, respecting social distance. A fabric curtain, with antibacterial treatment, and powerful air filtration equipment are part of the care.

“Motion sensors allow visitors to participate in the transformation of the projected content”, tells the creator of the experience Felipe Reif. “We want to reinforce the perception that the individual is reflected in the collective, transforming the entire environment in which we live ”, complete. The content for IMFUSION was created by more than 10 people between Brazil, Chile and the United States.

Even projected before the pandemic, the installation already provided for interaction without the need for physical contact in a one-way path for visitors, preventing the return to the beginning. “In the current context, these characteristics were essential for choosing the project produced by Dellarte and co-realized by BM Produções ”, conta Steffen Dauelsberg, executive director of the company. "These are decisive measures for the segment of interactive installations", completes the director.

“The coming of IMFUSION to the Museum of Tomorrow is part of our strategy to present news to our visitors. We are always focused on expanding the narrative of our museum's Long-Term Exhibition, presenting to the public, in different formats and content, reflections on what Tomorrow we want to build now ”, says Eduardo Carvalho, artistic editor of the IDG, managing institution of the Museum of Tomorrow. “This is the first temporary attraction since the reopening of the Museum, closed until September due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are being very careful so that the visitor can experience this experience with safety and quality ”, complements Carvalho.

IMFUSION will be taken to other cities: “In December of this year it will be Belo Horizonte's turn and, in 2021, Sao Paulo", says Dauelsberg.

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Due to the pandemic, the Museum of Tomorrow has adopted the following measures:

  • reduced capacity of simultaneous visitors;
  • mandatory use of masks covering nose and mouth;
  • measurement, at the entrance, the temperature of employees and the public;
  • use of sanitizing mats;
  • alcohol gel totems;
  • signs of distance between people;
  • single orientation route;
  • constant cleaning of interactive equipment.
Date: from 29 October to 29 th November of 2020
Time: from Thursday to Sunday, das 10h às 17h
Local: Museum of tomorrow, Praca Maua, 1 – Center. Rio de Janeiro
Entrance to the Museum: visit:
Museum Tickets: R$ 26,00 e R$ 13,00 (half price)
Important: The experience must be booked at the ticket office of the Museum


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DEEPLAB PROJECT is a collaborative studio that combines innovation, design and technology, creating digital experiences on an architectural scale. Founded by Felipe Reif and Marcelo Pontes, has headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and an office in São Paulo, developed experiences for several clients such as Museum of Tomorrow, Sesc, Oi and H-Stern.


The Museum of Tomorrow is a museum of applied sciences that explores the opportunities and challenges that humanity will have to face in the coming decades from the perspectives of sustainability and coexistence. Opened in December 2015 by the City Hall of Rio, the Museum of Tomorrow is a cultural equipment of the Municipal Secretary of Culture, operating under the management of the Institute for Development and Management (IDG). successful example of partnership between government and the private sector, Tomorrow Museum has received over 4 million visitors since opening. With Banco Santander as its main sponsor, Shell as sponsor and a wide network of sponsors that includes companies like IBM, Engie, American stores, Grupo Globo and Renner, the museum was originally designed by the Roberto Marinho Foundation.


With multiple experiences in project development in Brazil and abroad, held exhibitions in galleries and cultural institutions in the United States, Germany, Spain and London. Founded and administered Kunst, gallery with collection of Brazilian artists. Currently focuses his expertise in art and technology projects in partnership with Dellarte Soluções Culturais.


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IMFUSION is supported by the Federal Culture Incentive Law, sponsored by Youse, Caixa Seguradora's online insurance sales platform, support from TIVIT, and production of BM Produções, Ministry of Tourism, Special Secretariat of Culture – Federal Government.

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