Actor Michel Abou debuts in the soap opera Genesis, from the TV Record: “It was a pleasure”

Michel Abou, featured. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

With the direction of Edgard Miranda, the plot intends to explore the narratives of the Natural Old Testament of Minas Gerais, o ator e cantor Michel Abou embarca em mais um desafio profissional ao interpretar um dos operários que estará na etapa “Torre De Babel” na novela Gênesis, gave the whole Record, that debuted on the last day 19 January. … Read more

The Four Secrets to start a career as an actor or actress

Actress and producer Priscilla Olyva talks about the kickoff, challenges and tips for entering an artistic career. The arts fascinated people since the world began. Who has not found himself admiring a novel character, cinema or theater, for acting, pela figura ou pela energia cativante de um atorRead more