The Four Secrets to start a career as an actor or actress

Actress and producer Priscilla Olyva talks about the kickoff, challenges and tips for entering an artistic career.

The arts fascinated people since the world began. Who has not found himself admiring a novel character, cinema or theater, for acting, the figure or the captivating power of an actor or actress?

Stardom dream is not uncommon, but many do not know where they could get to have a career as an actor or professional actress. The actress Priscilla Olyva, veteran of stage, It has four secrets to embark in the world of performing arts and go in search of stardom dream, and shine on stage or on screen with his art.


1- Look for studying seriously

The first hint of Priscilla Olyva is to devote himself to study serious acting: “when I say that I am an actress, always have someone tell me: I want to be my cousin or, my neighbor, My brother has this dream. So that now, how and where to start?”. Comment.

To ela, the first thing to do is to look for a school theater or cultural spaces that have acting classes.

"One day, a boy of Pernambuco sent me a message saying he had the dream of acting classes, but I had no money. The advised to seek local (usually cultural workshop) in which the State or local governments offer various courses related to art / culture and are free ".

In Sao Paulo city, for example, there are several theater courses with different methodologies and varying price ranges. Find the one you most identify with and that fits in your Bolse and get to work.

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2- Dedication is the differential

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Priscilla says that there are excellent teachers in all schools, but who does the course is really good is the student: “to be an actor one must study, and very. There are numerous books to read, films and plays to see. It is important to be up to date on everything happening in the World. And mainly, start paying attention on people and what goes around. This will always be able to serve you as a reference for future work ".

3- Have a good presentation material

The actress emphasizes the importance of having a good material to present to future sponsors and contractors, and develop networking: "Look for a good agency of actors and is always in contact with people in the middle. And above all, be patient. Not an easy job and therefore many people give up. Unfortunately when we say that we are actors, people think the glamor that surrounds the profession but, really?!? Glamor has nothing ".

4- Perseverance is the key

“For each SIM you hear, You will have heard before 100 NO S. But if it is your dream and you're willing to fight hard for it, welcome to the club". Priscilla concludes.

The actress is currently in theaters with the play "The Millionaire", de Bernard Shaw, Popular in the Teatro João Caetano, in São Paulo. The show has towards Thiago Ledier, and big list.


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