Instituto do Ator offers free shows

Instituto do Ator offers free shows in Rio de Janeiro through the Lapa Mundi Project. Disclosure.

FOCA – Programa de Fomento Carioca INSTITUTO DO ATOR OFFERS FREE SHOWS IN RIO DE JANEIRO FROM JUNE THROUGH THE LAPA MUNDI PROJECT Instituto do Ator will hold three free shows from 8 June in Rio de Janeiro. There will be more than ten performances of the pieces “Nyogolon”, “Susuarana” and “Sacrifice”, of the … Read more

MURUNDU OF BOOKS, I.R.M.A. - Russian invasion in the Atlantic Forest

Celina Sodré, Celia Maracajá (on the body) and Clara Choveaux. Photo: Leo of the Jungle.

MURUNDU DE BOOKS A Contemporary Indigenous, a White Man and the spirits of nine Russian authors meet in the Atlantic Forest on a night of resurrection In a clearing of the Atlantic Forest, a Contemporary Indigenous and a White Man, sick, drink Ayahuasca. The indigenous woman starts a shamanic healing ritual and from the moment she finds … Read more