New information on stolen cultural assets from Alagoas

Sabre - dagger style. Material: metal, hem with metal appliqués. belonged: Marechal Floriano Peixoto. Photo: Historical and Geographical Institute of Alagoas.

They were stolen in the early hours of the day 9 of May, several assets that make up the collection of the Historical and Geographical Institute of Alagoas, comprising about 60 pieces from the Floriano Peixoto collections, Jonas Montenegro, Barão de Rio Branco and others. Images of the stolen parts are available here.. Refers to an item group that includes medals, … Read more

Centenary of the museum and bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil mark the Annual Plan of the National Historical Museum

Commemorative Exhibition of the Centenary of the Independence of Brazil (1922) - photography. image credit: Historical Archive/MHN.

The exhibition “Rio 1922” and the book “Histórias do Brasil em 100 objects” are part of the actions programmed by the museum until the end of the year. 2022 brings good reasons for the National Historical Museum (MHN) celebrate: in addition to completing 100 years of creation, este ano também marca o bicentenário da Independência doRead more

The MNBA at the 15th Spring of Museums

MNBA at the 15th Spring of Museums, Flyer - featured. Disclosure.

Inspired by the motto “Museums: losses and new starts", the National Museum of Fine Arts will host two events at the 15th Spring of Museums, promoted by the Brazilian Institute of Museums(IBRAM). On 21 September, 3St fair, at 4:00 pm, let's show the video “Hope”, idealized by historian Cintya Callado, showing an interesting dialogue between the archival and museum collections … Read more

ALERT: Testament of Dom Eugenio is stolen in Ecuador

A historical document was stolen Ecuador's Historical Archives. This is the Testament of Dr. Don Eugenio Mirror, important personality who served on the Independence process in that country, was in the 18th century. The cultural property is described as follows by Ecuadorian authorities: "Testament of Dr. Don Eugenio Espejo, Sixth Doctor Notaria Guarderas, Libro correspondienteRead more

Cine Guarani participates in the programming of 9th Spring of the Museums

The Brazilian Institute of Museums (IBRAM) promotes the 9th Spring of the Museums, until next Sunday (27), under the theme “Museums and Indigenous Memories”. In Curitiba, the Cine Guarani, Cultural gate, It integrates the programming displaying two programs, with 4 curtas cada, e um longa sobre a temática. As sessões acontecem de terça-feira a domingoRead more