Last week to visit the exhibition “Regular and Irregular” Jung Wladimyr in Rio de Janeiro

Ends on the day 03 March 2020 the exhibition visitation period “Regular and Irregular” visual artist Jung Wladimyr. All Fridays, from 17h to 19h, he will be at the show to talk with visitors! Come take your coffee with the artist.


The show, which presents works from two series of the best known, It is in the gallery of the Café Baroni – Building Bolsa Rio, located at Praça XV, nº 20, Floor, Center, Rio de Janeiro – RJ. Visitation is open from Monday to Friday, 8h30 to 20h, with free entry and free censure. So that now, run! As the show came in recent weeks to visit!

Café Baroni is a supportive space of Brazilian art. From time to time he opens the doors of its exhibition space, without commercial intent, to promote the work of several local artists.

About the exhibition

Curated by visual artist Raimundo Rodriguez, Caza of Contemporary Art, the exhibition brings together 27 paintings oil on canvas of the series “Regular” and “Irregular”. Who signs the text of the show is a visual artist and PhD student in Visual Languages ​​by PPGAV / UFRJ, Mirela Light.

In the exhibition text “The pure pleasure of painting, and point!”, Mirela Luz explains that the works of Jung Wladimyr conceptually resemble those of Jorge Guinle and Iberê Camargo:

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“Camargo is influenced by the Ecole de Paris informalism, one of the first and one of the last of the Abstract Expressionists Brazilian modernity. Carries the weight of the exhaustion of modern painting through a tragic and heroic romanticism. Unlike, Jorge Guinle celebrates the anti hero of the year 1980 mixing genres and modern pictorial styles denying the utopian subject of expressionist character. Jung's paintings refer to both, herein denote the pulse heroics abundant invoice pictorial ink and gestures, sometimes deny such virtuosity by emptying the "expressionist style".

About the artist

With emphasis in painting, works with objects and photography. The Rio, born in 1963, currently maintains a studio in the traditional neighborhood of Tijuca, northern zone of Rio de Janeiro. He started his studies painting on the street, in 2000, and made classes live model with Ilídio Bandeira de Mello, in 2006. studied photography, in 2017, Marco Antonio Portela and, since 2013, attends the courses of Parque Lage, with classes taught by Franz Manata, João Magalhães, Bruno Miguel, among other great names of Brazilian art.

Accumulates in the curriculum dozens of solo and group exhibitions in places like: Museum of contemporary art of Mato Grosso do Sul, Cora Coralina Cultural Center (Goiânia), 3ª River Sculpture Festival at the Cultural Center Edition Post (Rio de Janeiro), Cultural Center Paschoal Carlos Magno (Niterói), Sergio Goncalves Gallery (Rio de Janeiro), the Municipal Center Ruins Park (Rio de Janeiro), TNT Art Gallery (Rio de Janeiro), among others.

Solo exhibition "Regular and Irregular", de Young Wladimyr
Realization: Raimundo Rodriguez | Hunting contemporary art.
Text: Mirela Light.
Local: Café Baroni - Building Exchange Rio (Praça XV, nº 20, floor,
Center, Rio de Janeiro).
Visitation: until 03 March 2020, from Monday to Friday, 8h30 to 20h.
Coffee with the artist: all Fridays, from 17h to 19h.
Censorship free.
Free entrance.
Site space:
Check out the exhibition catalog:
Watch the video to know the artist and the series “Regular”, “Irregular” and “Puzzles”:

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