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Art Meeting in the Reading Room (RJ)

Artists promote afternoon of video art, performance and chat in the Library-Park, with free admission.

Event takes place from 14h to 18h, around the group exhibition Reading Room, on display on site.

Osvaldo Carvalho signs the curatorial, Leah organization of Rio.

On 16 August (next Friday), from 14h to 18h, the State Library-Park in Rio de Janeiro offers an afternoon of events related to visual art. The meeting takes place around the group exhibition "Reading Room", bringing together works by 20 artists, curated by Osvaldo Centeno. The program starts with display video art, then chat. After, the artist Luiz Badia features a video performance.

opened in 2 August, the exhibition “Reading room” It proposes a reflection on the act of reading, either by word or image: decoding the interpretation, the meaning of the sign. The exhibition gathers 50 of various technical works: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, assemblage, collage, videoart, engraving, object and installation. Part of the show Ana Herter, Angela Rolim, Cecilia Cipriano, Claudia Malaguti, Gilda Lima, Fernasky Subramanian, Hudson Lima, Isabela Frade, The Iocken, João Moura, Jennifer Azevedo, Ligia Calheiros, Luiz Badia, Marciah Rommes, Miro PS, Petrillo, Roberto Tavares, Rosi Baetas, Sandra Macedo e Teresa Stengel. Leah coordination of Rio, the exhibition runs until 6 September, with free admission.

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According to curator, the idea is to bring visitors to the exhibition to understand most of what is behind the works exhibited. "As Paulo Freire, It requires the ability to read between the lines, otherwise, when oppressed, We end up acting like our oppressors. The individual who understands their reality is able to find solutions to transform it, breaking with the fate of repeating the mistakes of the past ", explains Osvaldo. "The exhibition brings the reading room as a place of this event, the transformation of the subject that seeks to understand and change the world around them ", he concludes.


The BPE is an equipment of the Secretary of State for Culture and Creative Economy. The space meets, in addition to the collection of 200 1000 titles, a vast collection of comics and art books, children's library and 20 thousand movies. Teatro, Auditorium, video and laboratories cabins, besides programming courses and workshops, They make the place more than a library: a unique experience.

Meeting in the Reading Room
Display video art works of artists: Angela Rolim, Cecilia Cipriano, Claudia Malaguti, Gilda Lima, Jennifer Azevedo, Lia River, Group Be Right Back, Miro PS and Osvaldo Carvalho. Video performance of Luiz Badia.
Curated By: Osvaldo Centeno
Coordination: Lia River
Date: 16 August 2019 (Friday)
Program: From 14h to 15h, exhibition of video art; 15h às 17h, chat with the artists, Osvaldo Carvalho and Lia River; 17h30, video performance of Luiz Badia
Exhibition: From Monday to Saturday, from 11:00 to 5:00 pm, until 6 September
Local: Auditorium of the Library-State Park
Address: Av. Presidente Vargas 1.261, Center, Rio de Janeiro
Phone: +55 21 3171 7505
Free entry
Age rating: free

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